How Do You Start Healing?

In previous weeks, I’ve talked about how healing is a journey that begins with a choice. I remember when my healing journey first began, I grew up experiencing digestive issues. I don’t remember exactly what led to my decision to start to seek healing of my digestion but it was definitely along the lines of being tired of being sick and wanting to find an answer to what was causing my digestive issues.

I went to my medical doctor who ran multiple blood tests that all came back within normal ranges. I ended up feeling super frustrated with that doctor and then switched doctors. My new doctor gave me a diagnosis that made sense and told me I would have to rely on medication my entire life to manage my symptoms. While happy to have a diagnosis, I wasn’t happy to be on medication for the rest of the foreseeable future.

Not much later, my path led me to Reiki. I started my journey with Reiki by taking the first level of Reiki. It wasn’t long after that my digestion improved dramatically and I no longer had to take medication. I learned so much about the deeper reasons for digestion problems, the physical and emotional factors that were at the root of my pain.

Being on a self-healing journey, it can be difficult to know where to start with your healing.

There’s an overload of information available, there are classes and books galore. It’s easy to become paralyzed with overwhelm and get stuck in the process of searching for the right how-to that will be the unique answer for you.

This week, I taught the second class of my Reiki I for Self Healing course. We covered tons of information including the Reiki Principles, the chakras, and the aura. These are all systems that can be used for healing, you can start by working with a specific chakra or Reiki Principle to guide your healing. The problem is that knowing all the systems doesn’t leave you with the know-how to begin.

What sets my Reiki courses apart, is the focus on using your own intuition for healing. In that second class, we also cover the psychic senses which are our ways of intuiting.

When you discover your unique way of intuiting, so much of your self-healing capabilities are unlocked. Listening within to your intuition is the key to knowing where to go on your healing journey.

The answers are already inside of you. The key is unlocking them.

Interested in learning more? Book a Complimentary Clarity Session to discover the next best step for your healing. 

Love and light,

Natasha Nirvana

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