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Intuitive Healer - Natasha Nirvana

Welcome Intuitive Soul!

Hi! I am Natasha Nirvana and I am an educator, mentor, and healer for topics of Reiki, energy healing, and intuitive practices and strategies for success in life and business.

I am dedicated to empowering and inspiring others to live authentically, follow their intuition, and pursue their passion for personal and planetary healing in hopes to create a more inclusive, accepting, equitable, and collaborative world.

Break free by following your intuition and embracing your unique energy!

I’m here guide you through your journey as an Empowered Intuitive. Even though you might not feel intuitive right now, every client I’ve worked with is deeply intuitive, together we can discover that place within yourself!

I work using my intuition and a variety of tools that I have learned as an Intuitive Healer and Entrepreneur to help you step into your power as an Empowered Intuitive. For each person, being an Empowered Intuitive means something different. I’ll help you discover what being an Empowered Intuitive means to you by supporting you to tune within and align with your unique energy.

Our sessions together will give you the space to express yourself safely so that you can release what doesn’t serve you and embrace yourself fully. I’ll teach how to amplify your own gifts and use your intuition to support you in your life and business so that you can do what you love while bringing healing to the planet in your unique way.

Natasha has been a true Angel 🙂 It took me some time to recognize that diving into the spiritual world wasn’t just “good for me”, it was absolutely necessary to finally see shifts for the better, especially in areas that felt like weren’t ever going to change. I had a ton of letting go to do, had to honestly look at issues of self worth, setting appropriate boundaries with people (especially those closest to me!) and recognizing how my limiting beliefs about myself were holding me back from living the life I want and experiencing JOY! – Eve

How can I support you?

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