Change and Transformation – Podcast Interview

Today I’m sharing a podcast that I was featured on recently. The Dragonfly Connection is a podcast that is all about open – honest – real conversations about change, transformation, and triumph.

On the podcast, I share about the healing journey, my story of change and transformation, that has molded and shaped me into who I am today. If you’ve ever thought that I’m just a strong confident successful businesswoman and healer, then this will peel back the mystery, I share some deep things that I’ve never shared before publically. 

I share about:

  • Growing up around mental illness.
  • My own diagnoses of PTSD and anxiety.
  • Learning to keep things a secret and not talk about it.
  • How only addressing surface-level things like nutrition left out a huge part of what was causing severe digestive issues and anxiety.
  • Learning that traditional therapy isn’t taboo and is actually a necessary complement to holistic practices.
  • What led to me starting my own business.
  • My marriage to a narcissist & drug addict.
  • Keeping my marriage, psychological-emotional abuse, and more a secret.
  • Using my business as an escape from my pain.
  • Losing myself to my relationships and my business.
  • Finally healing it all and learning to be my authentic self.
  • Finding my soul mate relationship.
  • What it takes to be a healthy healer.

I shared super deeply about myself and it would mean so much to me if you would listen to this and share it with anyone who needs to hear my story. I hope that my story inspires others and lets them know that you can create beauty from your pain.

Love and light,

Natasha Nirvana
Reiki Master Teacher & Spiritual Business Coach

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Are you sabotaging your own success?

Doubting your abilities and believing you are going to fail is a recipe for disaster.

Before I started my Reiki practice, I was paralyzed with fear that nobody would be interested in what I had to offer. On top of that, I doubted my abilities as a healer because my gifts were different from the people around me and I felt all this pressure that I needed to be like them in order to succeed.

Instead of embracing my gifts and pursuing my purpose, I hid behind making other people happy. (Thank you empath self…) I resisted my inner calling to become a full-time Reiki Practitioner and I became miserable. I kept pushing, doing what was making other people happy (deep tissue massage) because it was making me money which resulted in injuring myself and being left with no way to make money other than to start pursuing my purpose. In the end, I ended up suffering a whole lot more than I needed to physically, financially, and emotionally.

I realized later that I was the biggest thing standing in the way of my own success and happiness. I was lying to myself because my ego-self was trying to keep me safe.

If the idea of pursuing your purpose fills you with dread, stress, anxiety, and fatigue and you never seem to be able to manifest your desires then it’s time to ask yourself, “Am I sabotaging my own success?”

If so, it’s time to root out the belief systems and fears that are restricting you. Get to know your truth and start taking responsibility for your choices.

Here are some of the false beliefs we carry and the truths that we can work to replace them with:

False: No one is interested in what I have to offer.

Truth: There are people looking for help every day and your offer is the perfect solution.

False: I’m not gifted enough or I don’t know enough.

Truth: Your gifts are completely unique and your education and experience is unique. Only you can share your gifts in your unique way with your unique perspective.

False: I don’t have enough time or money to pursue my passions.

Truth: I am worthy of investing my time and money into myself and my success.

False: I believe I will fail so I might as well not try.

Truth: You will fail and it is okay to fail. Failures are lessons that lead to successes.

There are so many possible lies that we tell ourselves that sabotage our success. These lies stem from our conditioning throughout our early life. We inherit these belief systems from our parents, ancestors, and society as a whole. We are taught to operate outside of our unique energy system.

You are your own healer and you have so much potential for success. Trust in yourself and your abilities and you will have a greater chance of success. Take the time to decondition, unlearn these belief systems, and heal from the trauma that triggers them. Be willing to ask for help along the way, it’s one thing to know what to do & another to actually do it.

If you are struggling to find success in your business, you’ve been hitting a wall, and don’t know what to do next then it’s time to hire a coach to show you the way and hold you accountable. I offer one on one business coaching in a variety of options customized to your needs. In these sessions, we deep dive into reprogramming these beliefs and healing the trauma that is blocking you. Book a Complimentary Clarity Session where we’ll discuss your struggles and the next step that will help you release those beliefs and finally be successful doing what you are meant to do!

Please note these sessions are reserved for people who are serious about hiring me as a business coach. I currently have 5 spots available for this type of work.

Love and light,

Natasha Nirvana
Reiki Master Teacher & Spiritual Business Coach

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How to live a well balanced life

Wanting your life to be in harmony and to have everything flowing and in balance is a great ambition but it doesn’t actually get you there. Having a well-balanced life requires doing the inner work it takes to get there, it’s always a journey and never a destination. When you arrive, it won’t be perfect but you will finally be able to appreciate what you have in the present.

Recently, a friend told me that they see me as a strong, confident businesswoman. In so many ways that is true, there are days where I feel like I’ve arrived, my business is the healthiest it’s ever been, I’m in a loving and supportive relationship with my soul mate, and I get to do what I love every single day. As I said, it’s never perfect, there are still days when I’m full of anxiety, I feel like I’m not enough, and I struggle to pursue my purpose. It’s those days that I remember that this is a journey, one I’ve been on for years. Getting to the point where your life feels like it’s in balance takes years of dedication to your dreams, inspired action, and deep inner work.

When you are in a place where you feel stuck and you’re not achieving your desired outcomes it’s because there is some inner work that needs to be done, your outer work reflects your inner world. If you want to bring harmony into your life, you first need to create harmony within.

If you don’t dedicate yourself to the inner work, to self-discovery, self-awareness, and empowerment, you will never manifest that dream career, find success in your business, or build happy and healthy relationships.

If you’ve been questioning yourself, trying to decide if it’s time to take a leap of faith, the answer is YES!!! It’s time! The reason you’ve found yourself here, reading this, considering booking an appointment, and reaching out for help is that your soul knows that it’s time. What you want is just on the other side of taking inspired action.

You are supported and your guides want you to know that it is safe to explore who you are and what makes you happy. You don’t need anyone’s permission to follow your dreams and actively work to manifest your goals and desires.

I’m here to support and guide you. If you’ve never booked with me before, I invite you to schedule a Complimentary Clarity Session to talk about your journey, where you’re feeling stuck, and how I can help you achieve harmony in your life.

If you’re ready to take the next step, you can book a session here, or if you want to learn how to do the work yourself, sign up for the upcoming Reiki courses.

Sending you so much love and light,

Natasha Nirvana

News Flash! Your true self wants you to do what is meaningful and purposeful to you!

Have you ever asked yourself what you are supposed to be doing with your life? If you’re like me, it’s a question you probably revisit often.

Personally, living a purposeful and authentic life is super important to me. The times when I’m out of alignment with my purpose and my true self have been some of the most difficult times in my life. I absolutely hate feeling meaningless, useless, and generally bored with life. All these feelings are a BIG signal that you are out of alignment with your true self.

Your true self wants you to do what is meaningful and purposeful to you!

Luckily, because having a purpose in life is so important to me, I am really good at finding that purpose, finding meaning, and unlocking my true self. I’ve rewritten my story so many times, in fact, I believe our stories are always evolving.

Feeling bored, meaningless, useless, frustrated, unfulfilled, afraid, and/or burnt-out are all invitations to shift, grow, and be even more in your power. These aren’t feelings that you are meant to get stuck in, they are signals.

I know I’m not alone in questioning my purpose. A lot of my clients come to me with these same kinds of questions and feelings. It’s a tough place to be because you feel like you have to figure it out all by yourself and it can be easy to close yourself off to the opportunities that are right in front of you.

Sometimes when you’re questioning your purpose you truly don’t know what it is that you want to do with your life. If that’s the case, check out this article on Following Your Bliss.

Often, the bigger problem is we know what we want but we’ve chosen what feels safe, we find ourselves doing something because it makes sense logically. For example, my client Julie* was working her 9-5 job, often doing overtime, because she was afraid she couldn’t make money doing what she loved. Then there was Meghan* who stayed in the relationship where she was suffering so long that it took a toll on her health. She was miserably living to make other people happy. I’ve been there too, playing it safe but ultimately ending up feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, and questioning everything.

It is at these times that you know that there has to be something more, so much so that it keeps you up at night wondering and dreaming of what-ifs. Sometimes you spend months beating your head against the wall trying to breakthrough. If you’re at this point, it is a clear sign that it’s time to get help. Please, don’t give up. You can stay stuck as long as you want, but at some point, something is going to push you over the ledge. Why not take the leap yourself instead of waiting until you reach full-on burnout and absolute misery?

Here’s the thing: What you want is waiting on just the other side of a little bit of clarity, a little bit of empowerment, and the support to do what it takes. All you need is that push to break through and come out on the other side.

A good place to start is by booking an Intuitive Reading to dive into your specific situation and struggles. It will help you reveal why you are not doing what you want to be doing and really get you in touch with why you want to be doing it.

Yes, your purpose is what you want to do, remember when I said that your true self wants you to do what is meaningful and purposeful to you? Only you get to decide what your purpose is.

Often, there is a deeper reason to our search for meaning than we realize on the surface. For example, what you are currently doing may not match your unique energy signature and shifting could help you be more in alignment with what supports your energy.

In your reading, we will also dig even deeper into what is stopping you from pursuing what you want. Having clarity about this is so powerful because it gives you the opportunity to fully release it.

Remember, the purpose of a reading isn’t to find someone to do the work for you or have someone tell you what they think is best for you. Rather, it’s to have an intuitive guide help you feel empowered, happy, and confident in your own decision-making.

Healing After Loss

I feel your heart, the sinking heaviness of a bottomless pit. I see you desperately trying to crawl your way out. The wall and hardened skin you’ve created to protect yourself only serve to keep everything bottled up within you. You are yearning to reach out and feel all the love in the world returned to you, only coming up with empty arms again and again. Your grief is a sign of love that time will heal.

Grief is one of the most difficult emotions you will face in your lifetime. Deep grief can pull you into the Dark Night of the Soul, a term used to describe a deep sense of meaninglessness. While grief is extremely difficult, it is also an invitation for transformation.

I have experienced grief many times and in many ways in my life. The deaths of friends and my grandparents, the ending of relationships and certain phases of my life, waking up one day and realizing I’d lost myself completely, and the fear or possibility of loss all have their own unique pain. On top of that, being empathic and deeply sensitive while watching and experiencing the deep suffering in this world can make life seem like suffering is all there is.

Can you relate to any of these experiences? Perhaps you’ve experienced loss in another way. The loss of a parent or child can be one of the deepest wounds one experiences in life. Or maybe you’ve lost a job or had a great financial loss. While the ways we experience loss are vastly different, the experience of grief and loss is a universal experience that we all must learn from and move through.

If I could shift just one thing for you if you are experiencing loss, it would be for you to know that you are not alone. I would be there and just hold space for you, to share in that moment with you as you meet your grief would be such a gift. When someone meets you there and gives you permission to be exactly as you are it makes all the difference in the world.

This is because it allows you to give yourself permission to be there, to feel and feel deeply, to feel safe and held exploring those feelings. Grief can only end when you move through it when you allow yourself to feel it and all the emotions that come with it. Even then, I don’t believe that grief ever truly ends. Without love, we would never experience grief, when you grieve you are loving and that is what makes grief beautiful.

With grief comes a whole series of other emotions. This is why grief can run so deep and feel like a black hole. It is why grief can be so incredibly transformative. Grief invites you to do deep healing work on yourself and come out on the other side stronger and with even more love in your heart.

You are invited to see and feel all that is within yourself, into the depths of human experience. As you grieve, waves of emotion wash over you for deep transformative healing. You feel the shame of your experience for you have been taught not to speak about your loss, that inherently there is something wrong with you for not being or doing a certain way. You feel anger at the world and the people in it for taking away what you loved so deeply. You direct your anger at yourself, how could you let this happen? There must have been something you could have done to control it. You wonder why sometimes even your own body failed you. Guilt washes over you for all that you’ve said or done that brought suffering to others. You believe you are unforgivable. It all crashes over you, enveloping you and leaving you broken, battered, and torn.

During this process, you may experience the closing and hardening of your heart. There is a part of you that has to push it all down just to cope and get by. You do what you can given the circumstances. But the problem with bottling things up is they will rise to the surface again, to invite you to move through it and heal.

You must feel it. When you do love, your heart will be cracked open. Space will be created. You create so much room and capacity for so much love. You become able to relate to others on a much deeper level. Suddenly, you find yourself able to forgive yourself and others. The love you have for yourself deepens and you amplify that into the world. You open your arms and reach out and for the first time, love comes pouring in. The time is coming my love.

For now, I invite you to use this prayer (if you do not believe in God, please change the name to your higher power or higher self):

“Dear God, I surrender to you the pain that is in my heart.
I give to you my failure, my shame, my loss, my devastation. 
I know that in you, Dear God, all darkness is turned to light. 
Pour forth your Spirit upon my mind and help me to forgive my past. 
Make my life begin again. 
Restore my soul and bring me peace. 
Comfort me in this painful hour – that I might see again my innocence and good. 
I have fallen, Dear God, and I feel I cannot rise. 
Please lift me up and give me strength. 
Set my feet upon the path to peace and help me not to stray again. 
I pray for forgiveness. 
I am crushed by my failure. 
Please show me who I am to you – that self-hate shall not defeat me. 
Help me remember and reclaim my good. 
Help me become who you would have me become and live the life you would have me live – that my tears shall be no more 
Amen. “

– Marianne Williamson

Reiki is pure love energy. As I wrote this message, I channeled this Divine Love energy and the messages from my Spirit Team. Each session we have, we channel this Divine Love for you to fill the spaces in your soul and make space in your heart. You can book a session both virtually and in-person here.

You are so loved!