Intuitive Healing Sessions

Natasha Nirvana channeling healing energy

Everything in your life has lead you to this moment right here!

Take a deep breath and know that you are exactly where you are meant to be…

Take a moment and reflect on what brought you here.

♥ Have you been searching for an answer for your healing?
💜 Are you ready to heal the wounds and trauma that are keeping you locked in the past?
♥ Do you want to manifest the life of your dreams, the dream house, the dream job or business, and the dream relationship?
💜 Have you started your spiritual journey and want to grow deeper in your spirituality and your relationship with yourself?

It’s time to:

✨ Learn to trust, surrender, and have faith in your higher purpose!
💫 Tap into energy and heal yourself!
✨ Acknowledge and follow your truth and intuition!
💫 Be 100% aligned with your true self!
✨ Open up to receiving all that the Universe has in store for you!
💫 Serve the world by shining your light and sharing your message and your gifts!

You are your own healer!

Everything you need for healing yourself is already within you.

What you need for healing is already inside you. You intuitively know exactly what you need. My job is to help you discover what is within you, to help you unlock the keys to your healing.

Using my signature Empowered Intuitive Healing Method, I help you to tune into the vibrations needed for your healing. In the Empowered Intuitive Healing Method I work with life force energy and the chakra system using a variety of techniques to bring your physical, emotional, and spiritual energetic systems back into balance.

This is for you if you…

  • Are dealing with pain or dis-ease in the body and want to supplement your regular medical treatment with alternative methods of healing.
  • Need tools for coping with stress, depression, or anxious feelings.
  • Want to discover and are ready to face the emotions, beliefs, and traumas behind your symptoms.
  • Notice the same patterns repeating themselves over and over and want to figure out how to change the pattern.
  • Are ready to discover the beliefs that have been holding you back from running toward the life you desire.
  • Want to feel worthy and deserving of love, joy, and pleasure in your life.
  • Are searching for acceptance, validation, or approval. (Hint: it comes from you!)
  • Are ready to create relationships in your life that are fulfilling and support you.
  • Need help setting boundaries and learning to say no to the “have to’s” and “shoulds” and yes to the things that light you up!
  • Need the tools to manage and protect your energy so you no longer feel depleted.
  • Are under “psychic attack” and need help learning to set boundaries and manage that energy in a healthy way.
  • Are ready to claim sovereignty over your energy field and what you allow into it.
  • Want to learn to connect with the spirit realm and/or strengthen your connection with your spirit guides.
  • Want to learn to trust your intuition and surrender to what the Universe has in store for you.
  • Want to discover your purpose.
  • Are ready to step into your power.
  • Want to discover your gifts and what makes you special.

This is not for you if… you are looking for a miracle healing or someone else to do the work for you. You are the healer, I am simply a guide.

What can you expect in an Intuitive Healing Session?

In the beginning portion of the session, we will talk about whatever is relevant to you now and what we will focus the healing around.

During the healing portion of the session you lie down, your only job is to relax. I guide you through the process of going within and using mindfulness techniques to pay attention to what is happening within your body.

As I’m working I scan the body, chakra system, and auric field for any imbalances in energy. I then guide you through the healing as I send the healing vibrations and frequencies that your body needs. If it comes up, I will guide you through specific healing techniques to heal specific situations, emotions, or relationships.

At the end of the session, I do a debrief with you. Some people have memories or emotions arise for healing that they need to talk about, I create a safe space and the container for you to do so, should you feel the need.

I then give you my feedback on what I discovered within your energy field and teach you what to do at home to continue the healing process.