About Me

Hey there! Thank you for allowing me to share my healing journey with you.

My name is Natasha Nirvana, I came into this world 27 years ago, I was raised and live in San Jose, CA. I have been an empath my entire life and my connection with Source has always been an integral part of my life. I now see those two things as my greatest gifts, but that wasn’t always the case.

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Growing up an empath wasn’t always easy and I found my soul always searching for answers, what I was taught growing up didn’t fully fulfill me, I knew that I had a connection with Source but what I was taught didn’t align with what I knew in my soul to be true.

My young life journey, while full of love, was tumultuous at times. If you were to stand on the outside looking in, my family looked like the ideal family. On the inside, mental illness permeated my world. Because of stigma, a lack of awareness, and often full-on denial things were never talked about, it felt like my life was full of secrets and water swept under the bridge. I witnessed and experienced physical, mental, and emotional abuse and being an empath, I felt all of it like it was my own. I suffered from severe digestive issues because that was the only way I knew how to process the emotions of everything going on around me.

On the spiritual side, I have a deep connection with Source and nature. I would spend hours outside, playing in the earth and admiring creation. Everywhere we went, I would collect rocks and attempt to bring buckets full home with me, which later turned into my love of crystals. I was raised in the Lutheran church and around the age of 12 religion became my choice and I spent my junior high and high school years in various youth groups. What always bugged me about religion, is what I now call the lie of separation, it seemed to me that the teachings were that you had to go through something or someone outside of yourself to discover the truth and those truths didn’t align with what I knew to be true at a soul level.

Being a Leo, I also have a natural entrepreneurial nature. My very first business, I created a dance routine for my siblings and me and collected drinks and snacks from my Grandma’s kitchen. I sold my parents and grandparents tickets to our show and then sold them back the drinks and snacks my grandparents had already purchased. My Grandma wasn’t too happy about having to repurchase the snacks!


In my late teens, because what I was taught in the church didn’t align with my truth, I decided to leave the church. This spiraled into a bought of depression largely due to no longer feeling connected with my spirituality, I had lost the only way that I knew how to connect. My empathic tendencies led me to relationship after relationship where I spent my energy trying to make other people happy for my own validation.

In 2012, I took my first Reiki course and began my healing and entrepreneurial journey.

After my first Reiki course, I was hooked. I learned how to have a personal relationship with Source and that I could practice my spirituality in whatever way felt good to me. I could do whatever was aligned with my truth! Reiki  I focuses mainly on the physical level of healing. Physically, many of the digestive problems I struggled with my entire life were healed.

Unfortunately, some things still had to get worse before they got better. I was still in a relationship where I was putting a lot of my energy into making that person happy. Instead of focusing on my own healing, I was on a mission to heal everyone else around me. I ended up in a toxic marriage with a narcissist and was surrounded by more physical, mental, and emotional abuse. Mental illness spiraled in my family and I watched love ones go through hospitalizations and near-death experiences. In the next 4 to 6 years, I went through what seemed like every common trauma and struggle that empaths face.

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Through my healing and learning to work with energy, I discovered myself. I found my purpose and the strength to follow it. I dove deep and healed every past and present trauma that surfaced. I deepened my relationship with Source and the spirit realm.

I learned:

  • to step into my power
  • to set boundaries
  • to manifest the things that I want
  • that I deserve the best for myself
  • to trust, surrender, and have faith
  • to follow my intuition
  • that being an empath is a gift
  • confidence
  • to be my authentic self
  • to communicate my thoughts, feeling, and emotions
  • to have healthy relationships that support me
  • to love me and put my healing first
  • to manage my energy so I was no longer getting depleted.
  • to set energetic boundaries to protect my energy
  • to use Source energy instead of my energy
  • to feel my emotions and move through them
  • to transform “negative” energy
  • to accept myself for who I am
  • that I don’t need validation or approval from anyone else to be me and shine my light

Through all of this, I was running my business and learning to integrate the energy concepts into my business. I dove into my business full time and built a thriving practice from the ground up, twice.

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It is my mission to teach others to heal themselves. To heal their trauma and pains from the past. To work with energy in every facet of their life so that they can feel free to live the life they dream about. To discover their gifts and their purpose so that they can share their authentic light with others in whatever way feels good to them.

Then, if they choose, to use everything they have learned and turn it into a thriving business, where they get to share their light every single day, just by being themselves.