Reiki I & II Practitioner Certification Course

This 8-week online Reiki I & II Practitioner Certification course provides students with all the tools they need to practice Reiki for themselves and others, including Reiki Attunements, Workbooks, Meditations, and more.

Are you ready to take your Reiki practice to the next level and share your gifts with the world?

If so, now is the perfect time to embrace your calling as a healer. The world needs more healers like you to share their unique gifts. Together, we can raise the vibration of the planet, just think what would happen if everyone received Reiki!

This Reiki I & II Practitioner Certification course provides you with all the tools you need to practice Reiki for yourself and others, both in person and remotely.

What you will learn:

  • How Reiki Can Help You
  • The History of Reiki
  • What is Reiki?
  • How Reiki Works
  • The 5 Reiki Principles
  • Reiki Self Treatment
  • How to Practice Reiki in Your Everyday Life
  • Energetic Systems – The 7 Chakras & The Aura
  • Powerful Tools for Energetic Clearing & Protection
  • Grounding Techniques Using Reiki
  • The Psychic Senses and How to Use Them
  • Treating Others with Reiki & Rapid Reiki Treatments
  • Distance Reiki & How it Works
  • Connecting with Your Spirit Guides
  • Three of the Sacred Reiki Symbols & How to Use Them
  • Different Methods of Using Distance Reiki
  • Different Ways to Use Distance Reiki
  • Timeline Reiki
  • Addressing Specific Issues with Reiki
  • PLUS A Bonus Class on Starting Your Reiki Practice
  • and more!

You will receive:

  • Reiki I & II Attunements
  • Reiki I & II Workbook
  • Reiki Principles Workbook
  • Chakra Workbook
  • Meditations to Enhance Your Practice including Chakra Meditations, Meditations on the Reiki Principles, Grounding & Cleansing Meditation, and Guided Self Treatment Meditation
  • Reiki Session Steps Worksheet
  • Plus Everything needed to start your Reiki Practice including a business planning worksheet, intake forms, and more.
  • Eight 2 hour classes are available in person or via Zoom
  • A private Facebook group with additional training as needed
  • Access to other students who you can trade with and practice what you learn!
  • Reiki levels I & II Practitioner Certification
  • Anything else needed to complete your training!

This is an eight-week course, with a two-hour live commitment each week.

All classes will be recorded so that you can watch back at your convenience and all materials will be available to you for life.

The next course will run on Saturdays from January 28th to February 11th from 2pm-4pm PST and from February 18th to March 25th from 10am-12pm PST, with a one-week break.

Doors close for sign ups January 27th.

To join, use the buttons below to pay and email You can also use the email form below to contact me with any questions about the course.

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