Do I need to give up smoking, drinking, or eating meat to practice Reiki?

One of the most common questions Reiki students ask me is, “Do I need to give up smoking, drinking, or eating meat to practice Reiki?” The short answer to that question is always no. You don’t need to have any special habits to practice or receive Reiki. Anyone, at any place in their life, can practice Reiki as long as they have the desire to. If you chose to learn Reiki and implement it as a part of your daily practice, your habits aren’t going to affect your ability to channel Reiki energy.

Whether you learn to practice Reiki or choose to receive Reiki, Reiki is a self-healing practice at its core.

When you receive Reiki, your body enters a state of relaxation where the body’s self-healing capabilities are activated. Choosing to receive Reiki is a choice of self-empowerment and taking responsibility for your healing journey. When you book a Reiki session with me, I never see myself as the healer, but as a channel and a guide. I encourage all my students to see themselves the same way and I empower each of my clients and students to activate their inner healing power.

Reiki meets you where you are at.
It meets you at your lowest lows and your highest highs. Reiki doesn’t judge or discriminate and it’s the job of each Reiki practitioner to do the same. Reiki is the highest form of unconditional love.

There’s no better time to practice Reiki than when you are at your lowest. If that means that you’re eating McDonald’s three meals a day, drinking a bottle of vodka a night, chain-smoking, and making decisions that are unhealthy Reiki will meet you there.

Reiki goes deep into your root issues and brings them to the surface and into your awareness to be healed.
The healing that happens is all within your power, it’s your choices that lead to your healing. Whether you choose to give up an unhealthy habit is your decision and that choice needs to be done by you when you are ready and supported to heal the root of the habit. I’d also like to note here that there are things that are out of our ego’s control, Reiki is not a cure-all and not all conditions will resolve. Sometimes we are meant to go through those experiences and it can’t always be explained why. I believe that there is always something to learn about our experiences and Reiki can help to show you those lessons and support you through the process.

When you receive or practice Reiki you may experience a calling to make better choices for yourself. For me, this has happened gradually over the ten years that I have been practicing Reiki. Over the years, I’ve been called to give up caffeine, pot, and drinking in excess. I’ve also been called to do things like stop eating processed foods and to start eating more homegrown and cooked foods. I didn’t make all those changes overnight, I made them when I knew that it was time because of the messages my body was sending me when I made choices that were unsupportive of my health.

I still eat meat and have a few drinks a week and my connection to Reiki is stronger than it’s ever been. But my connection to Reiki isn’t strong because I gave up anything. It’s because I make Reiki a part of my everyday life. The more you practice Reiki the stronger your connection becomes and your healing happens naturally over time. Healing can’t be forced, only helped and supported.

If you’re feeling the calling to make Reiki a part of your everyday practice, stay tuned for the next round of Reiki courses! Or book a 1:1 session and choose to activate your inner healing power today!
 Love and light,
Natasha Nirvana

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