Your Body Speaks

The trinity of healing integrates body, mind, and spirit. One of the biggest revelations I’ve had in my journey as a Reiki Practitioner and Massage Therapist is learning the language that our bodies speak.

Our bodies are constantly speaking to us, in ways that ten years ago I didn’t know were possible.

My first awakening to the language of the body was when I first experienced Reiki. My entire life I experienced severe digestive issues, growing up I remember having “food poisoning” on a regular basis. So much so that when I got older, I found it really strange that others talked about having food poisoning for the first time. I thought experiencing food poisoning as frequently as I did was normal. As a kid, I was taking digestive enzymes to help settle my stomach on an almost daily basis.

I had a fairly healthy diet and western medicine couldn’t explain what was going on with me. After experiencing Reiki for the first time, my digestive system calmed down so significantly that I quickly came to believe in the power of Reiki.

Since learning the language of the body, I learned that our digestive system often is the body’s way of expressing anxiety and fear. The reason that Reiki has worked so well for me, is it’s given me a tool that calms my nervous system and brings me in tune with my body so that I can listen to the subtle signals that my body sends me. This gift extends to my work with others, when someone is on my table, I am able to tune into the subtle messages that their body is sending.

I’ve seen the power of Reiki help countless people tune into their own bodies.

The body is always speaking, but we can only listen when the nervous system is calmed and we are able to bring mindful unattached awareness to our bodies.

Your body is sending you messages all the time. The messages your body sends will be completely unique to you. Your own experiences and emotions will contribute to what your body is trying to communicate. When you learn to listen, you’ll be able to digest those messages and make the best choices for your well-being.

The things that our bodies hold onto always surprise me. I’ve seen clients free themselves from toxic relationships and suddenly their chronic conditions clear up. Some people store emotional trauma in areas of the body where there are past injuries. When there is resistance to flow, the body will create blockages, for me, this happened and manifested as tennis elbow. Sometimes, the body speaks much louder than others. The key is to listen to the subtle messages your body sends before your body starts screaming.

Beginning to listen to your body takes only conscious awareness.

To listen, you must take the time to calm your nervous system and the mind so that you can go within. Then bring awareness to the body and the messages it is trying to send you. Often, the messages are simple and direct but our minds tend to overcomplicate them. We wonder why the pain doesn’t go away when we haven’t fully listened to and taken action on the messages of our body. Then there are the times that we have to move into full acceptance of our pain, even if it never leaves. 

Listening to the body takes practice and even after ten years of practice, there are still times it is difficult to figure out exactly what my body is trying to say or accept the changes my body is calling me to make.

What I have found most helpful is regular self-care. Taking time each month to receive bodywork and energy work to calm my systems and meditating daily to keep my nervous system calm and my intuition strong.

Are you taking care of your body the way it needs to be taken care of? If not, please do something today to calm your nervous system and listen to your body. 

If you feel called, booking a Trinity Bodywork Session for yourself on a regular basis allows you a full 90 minutes dedicated to your body, mind, and spirit and relaxing the nervous system so that you can better tune into the language your body is speaking.

Love and light,
Natasha Nirvana

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