Use Your Mission Statement to Focus Your Life

What is the mission statement you live your life by?

As an entrepreneur, a mission statement is nothing new to me. I’ve written and rewritten my mission statement for my business many times. For me, my business mission is uniquely tied to part of my purpose. As I grow and evolve, often I’ll feel my purpose shift, for a long time, I tied my whole purpose in life to my business. Over time, as I’ve healed and found more balance in my life, I’m starting to see my purpose outside of my business and I’m learning to look at my purpose for the whole of me.

As I was researching for this week’s article, I came across a podcast on spiritual focus from Spiritually Hungry. They posed this question,
“What is the mission statement you live your life by?”

This question really resonated with me and the direction I wanted to take this article in. While I’ve spent tons of time on my business’s mission statement, I’ve never thought about a mission statement to live my life by.

The idea of having a mission statement to live your life by is to bring focus to your life’s purpose.

I want to invite you to bring your focus to your life’s purpose today.

  • What is your life plan for who you want to develop into as a human being?
  • How do you want to develop yourself?

Take some time to journal on these questions and write your own mission statement to live your life by. Make sure that this mission statement encompasses you as a complete being. So often, we remember to set goals for work, exercise, and more but we forget to consider who we are at the core.

Having this mission statement will give you a focus for your life.

It puts you at the center of your life. When you know what your personal mission in life is, you are able to clearly focus and clear away anything that does not serve that purpose. This brings alignment with your highest self and balance to your life.

Think about all the different areas of your life: your work, your relationships, your spirituality, etc. One thing remains in each of them, you. Now imagine if your life was focused, imagine if each of these things was in total alignment with your mission statement? How would life be different? How would it feel? Pretty amazing, right?!

That’s because when you’re focused on your mission, you have a clear direction in life. You are able to aim at your deepest desires. Then when your heart is open and you are grateful for all the bounty that surrounds you, your deepest desires will manifest before you like magic.

It’s time to activate the next evolution of your life’s potential by focusing wholeheartedly on your mission!

Need support discovering your unique mission statement for your life or business?

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Love and light,
Natasha Nirvana

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