How To Find Balance Using Polar Energies

A common theme that arises during healing is the balancing of polar energies. Often you will hear this talked about as balancing masculine and feminine energy. But many different energetic polarities exist and it’s important to address them all.
When you look at the graphic above, notice each of the polarities, between each polarity is a spectrum of possibility. As you read each word, notice the energetic signature or the feelings and associations you notice. Where on the spectrum do you fall? Are you more one or the other?
Healing requires finding a balance between each of these polarities. When we’re balanced we are able to easily flow between both polarities, we are neither one nor the other but a healthy balance of both. Individually, that healthy balance will be different, but many signs point to an imbalance of these polar energies.
For example, the wounded feminine is an imbalance of feminine energy inherited from the Patriarchal view that society has placed on women. This imbalance can show up as self-sacrificing, attention-seeking, never having or being enough, low self-worth, approval-seeking, manipulative, over-dependent, submissiveness, excessive polar energy, or an inability to get along with other women or men.
On the other hand, the wounded masculine is an imbalance of masculine energy (also a bi-product of patriarchal society) that shows up as egotistical, critical and judgmental, needing to prove oneself, controlling, forceful, dominating, unsupportive, selfish, aggressive, disconnected from emotion, overthinking, and a rejection of “feminine” qualities.
Looking at the other polarities can you imagine what an imbalance of those polarities might look like? These imbalances might be…

  • Making decisions based solely on emotion without logical thought or vice versa. 
  • An inability to focus and splitting your energy in too many directions. 
  • Constantly taking action without taking time to pause and be in the moment.
  • Living under strict structures and limitations.
  • Having unhealthy boundaries.
  • A need to control others.
  • Giving too much and not allowing yourself to receive.
  • Loss of creativity.

Now, think about what a healthy balance of these polar energies looks like.
For example, healthy feminine energy is simple, it makes time for rest and self-care, listens to your intuition, honors your creativity, allows yourself to receive, says no to things that don’t support your energy, is vulnerable and experiences your full range of emotions, nurtures yourself and others, and allows imperfection.
Healthy masculine energy is in integrity, assertive, logical, ambitious, strong, supportive, confident, providing, emotionally mature, courageous, present, consistent, secure, purpose-driven, non-judgmental, and allows for healthy feminine energy as well.
Can you see how the other polarities have their healthy expression as well? Balanced energy…

  • Makes sound decisions grounded in intuition and reason. 
  • Is able to focus and prioritize. 
  • Takes action and pauses when needed
  • Has healthy boundaries and structures that support success.
  • Gives and receives equally.
  • Sees the importance of creativity and logic.

To bring balance to these energies begin by noticing where you are on the spectrum between each polarity.

  • What energy do you need more of?
  • How can you integrate that energy more into your life?

Think about the beliefs and patterns that you have that are unsupportive of balanced expression.

How can you rewrite those beliefs and change the patterns to be more supportive?
Healing starts with reflection and continues with action.
To take the next step on your healing journey together, book a Reiki session today.Love and light,
Natasha Nirvana

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