3 Keys to Following Your Bliss

I define my bliss by what brings me joy and happiness. To live a happy life is to lead a purposeful life. Instead of focusing so much on what your purpose is, which can lead to externalization, shift your focus to what brings you joy.

The first phase of Following your Bliss is a period of experimentation and imagination. Usually, you find yourself here after some questioning and you are not truly happy in life. This leads to a search for something greater, beyond what currently exists. If you are in this phase, start experimenting and trying new things. Step out into the unknown and allow yourself to experience life in a whole new way.

As you do so, take note of any new ideas and inspiration that arises. Let your experiences and imagination inspire you. Keep exploring until you find the thing or idea that lights you up, the

thing you just can’t resist telling everybody about. By the way, even if you feel like you’ve found your purpose but are feeling stuck, returning to this phase of exploration can help you be re-inspired in your pursuit.

Once you’ve discovered the thing that lights you up, you move into a phase of practice and refinement. What your purpose is, what makes us happy is never truly defined. The beauty of life is getting to learn and grow. You take classes about whatever it is that you love, read books, study, and practice until your fingers bleed. You give your everything, your blood, sweat, and tears, your entire soul to the process. As you learn, you refine your purpose and gain more and more clarity. You become more of who you are. You work hard and give it your all to pursue your happiness.

During this time, it is important to or mindful of balance in your life. Work hard to play hard, nurture your goals and dreams, and honor your responsibilities and your needs. It is important not to work so hard at pursuing your purpose that you forget what makes it fun, what called you to it in the first place. Remember why you are doing this for you. When you find your purpose, others will begin to recognize you. They will also create their own vision of you, stay true to your vision. Believe in your ability to pursue your dream and to be truly happy.

The final phase is a state of being, it is a state of surrender. During your pursuit of happiness it can be easy to start defining your happiness by a series of outcomes and expectations. This will never lead to your bliss because it becomes about always achieving the next thing. This is a state of doing, not being. Your ego takes over and pulls you into speculation, what-ifs, maybes, worries, and fear. Only your ego is concerned with what you will achieve by pursuing your purpose. Here, you must let go, you can not control everything. The outcomes are only partially influenced by you. The rest is influenced by timing, circumstances, and other people. 

Allow yourself to be. Whatever infolds in the future is meant to be. Surrender to the flow of life and embrace a peaceful, receptive, and flowing state.

Where are you in your journey?

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