Moon Circles

For centuries, women have been gathering together to cultivate community. We gather together to celebrate, to heal, to support each other, to share our wisdom, and to grow in spirit.

As women, we are connected with the moon, with mother earth, in each of us there is a divine goddess. When we gather together, we support each other in unearthing our inner goddess, trusting our intuition and letting our soul shine. Together, the divine feminine are raising the consciousness on the planet. It is time for the divine feminine to rise and bring balance with the divine masculine.

Circle is a safe and sacred space for you to transform and heal yourself. It all starts with you, as we heal ourselves, we learn to create space for others to heal. We come together in community to hold you in love and understanding as you move through your story to your true self.

Circle is a place where you come home to your tribe. Where you are honored, seen, understood, and accepted for who you are. We are diverse and yet, we are all one.

Inclusivity in Sacred Spaces

In my Spiritual studies I learned that rest was an aspect of the Divine Feminine, a “feminine” quality. It is not uncommon in women’s circles to talk about the feminine aspects of energy. In fact, it is often thrown in your face. Feeling excitement about embracing your Inner Goddess or Divine Feminine is normal and… Continue reading Inclusivity in Sacred Spaces