What’s Blocking You from Your Next Evolution?

Lately, it’s been hitting me that we’re approaching the third anniversary of COVID. The past three years have brought on so much change, awakening, and activation in everybody. In the last month, I’ve noticed a new level of activation happening and more people awakening to their truth.

My work with clients over the past few weeks has been deepening and enlightening. Everyone is starting to show up and make huge changes and face their deep-seated issues. More people are getting curious about Reiki and energy work and how they can call it into their lives.

It’s been nearly a year since I last taught Reiki. Every time I teach it, it feels like exactly the right timing. When I choose to teach, it’s because the Universe has been calling me to show up through each of you.

Every time I teach Reiki, it evolves, I evolve, my students evolve. More and more Reiki is calling people in, it’s calling you to the power that lives within you. You are your own healer. Everything Reiki teaches, teaches you to be that.

And every time I teach Reiki a mass load of resistance shows up. I question whether or not I’m meant to do this. I question whether or not it’s worth all the work it takes. I doubt that anyone is going to sign up and then I get mad that I don’t feel seen or heard. I tell myself that nobody cares. I get frustrated pouring my heart into this work and feel like I’m speaking to no one. I fluctuate between giving up completely, pushing so hard it’s annoying, and then letting go and trusting.

The reason all that resistance shows up is because I care so much. I envision raising up the next generation of healers. When I see my life in 10 years I see the massive ripple effect that I’ve created. How each soul that I touch touches so many other souls and how that ripple effect extends. I believe wholeheartedly that owning your power is the answer to healing the planet. Reiki is a huge piece of that.

Being able to practice your spirituality in your unique way. To be able to use Reiki as a tool to power fill. To be able to live Reiki in your life every single day and apply it in countless ways. That’s powerful.

My client said it so well this week, “We are all equal when we are born into this world. Everyone has different life situations or challenges and those shape and mold who we are in the physical form. But if we can remember to come home to ourselves and that essence of who we are. That is love. We all have different journeys of trying to come home to ourselves. Our essence is love, peace, happiness, and just being. But we forget that along the way or life makes us forget or we have bad experiences. And we all have to find our own way home. Reiki helps us do that.

Since I’ve been marketing this class, I’ve noticed a ton of resistance coming up in people. There are a few excuses we all use when it comes to resisting our next evolution. Can you guess what they are?

They are all centered in not-enoughness. They are centered in a place of power loss. They are centered in trying to control your life. When you say no to the opportunities presented to you for your next evolution, which you know are right for you, it’s because you’re not trusting what the Universe is presenting to you. You’re sitting in the control seat saying to yourself, “Nothing ever works for me.”

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho

What have you been saying no to that the Universe is calling you into

Where are you choosing not to take action?

How can you call back your power and create the results in your life that you’ve been looking for?

This life journey that we’re all going through is about coming back home. It’s about stepping into power and taking ownership of your life so that the life you experience is abundant and infinite. 

When you operate from your internal source of power, you create unconditional peace, power, and passion, not only in your life but in the lives of everyone you touch. 

You become peaceful, powerful, and passionate. You become unconditionally liberated and deeply impactfulinfluential, and ultimately irreplaceable to those in your life.

Learning to be in your power is paradigm-shifting. It shifts how you perceive, relate to, and communicate with yourself and others. It shifts your language, communication, emoting, problem-solving, decision-making, behaviors, manner of relating, and practical applications in your everyday life from control-centered to power-centered living and leading. 

Being Power-Centered changes your whole life for the rest of your life. I’m going to teach you how to use Reiki as a tool to help you become power-centered.

I also want you to know that what I’ve shared today isn’t just applicable to learning Reiki or signing up for this course. It applies to all areas of your life. So I hope that you take it, apply it, and say yes when you know it’s right. Say yes and take action even when there is fear. Believe that the Universe is going to conspire for you.

Because I believe in this so much, I’m running a special bonus! Just for today, when you sign up for either of the upcoming Reiki courses you’ll receive a bonus one-hour integration session with me. In this session, we’ll work together on how you can integrate this work into your everyday life. We’ll talk about how you can live it and use it to come back home.


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