Koda’s Story

There are just a few days coming up until the next round of Reiki I begins and I’m getting excited! In each class that I teach, I get to customize the course material for the students registered and I’ve been getting lots of downloads about how to guide this set of students.

I’ve had dozens of amazing students that have taken Reiki with me and seen amazing shifts in their lives. Every student I’ve taught has been so gifted, intuitive, and committed to making Reiki a part of their life.

It’s exactly why I decided to teach.

Today, I want to celebrate one of my students, Koda, by sharing their story. Here’s what they had to say after completing the Reiki Practitioner Certification:

I experienced my first Reiki session with another provider in the Fall of 2019 after a major surgical procedure. I noticed results instantly and wanted to learn more about it as the results that I was seeing not only helped with the specific issue that I went for care for but far surpassed years of other forms of therapies and medications that I had tried thus far for chronic issues.

Needless to say, a spark was lit. 

I wanted to take a Reiki I course so that I may help to facilitate helping to heal myself so that I could help others to feel the amazing energy that I felt and the healing results of the same. As someone who has had to spend very long periods housebound due to medical issues and who has had more surgeries than most people have in their lifetime, I was open to anything that would help me feel more like “me” again. 

I saw that Natasha was teaching a Reiki I course not long after my first Reiki session and the timing worked out perfectly that I was able to attend. The course took place over a weekend at Nirvana Healing Center in San Jose, one of the most peaceful places in the entire city. I was skeptical but I also walked in not wanting to have any expectations. After taking Reiki I with Natasha, I began to incorporate self-Reiki into more of my self-care regimen. Not only that, I solidified my spiritual practices, thus working on the healing of the religious-based trauma that I faced. 

After the onset of a rare visual processing disorder and the onset of a traumatic brain injury in 2020, I found that Reiki helped me substantially in my own physical and psychological healing. It was helping symptoms that pills and physical therapy wouldn’t begin to touch. It brought me a sense of peace and as soon as I was able to, I signed up to learn Reiki II with Natasha. 

Learning distance Reiki was very important to me, especially after the onset of COVID. Many of the people I wanted to send Reiki to are not locals where an in-person session could take place. I wanted to be able to channel that energy for their healing, whether they were directly impacted by the pandemic or whether there was something else impacting them. For a few weeks, I would log off from my work computer and log in to learn Reiki II with Natasha once a week on a 1:1 basis. This individualized attention helped me to dive into Reiki and ask questions that I may have been a bit shy to ask in class (I’ll be working more on my Vishuddha!). I know that some folx are skeptical when it comes to attunement over a distance, but I did not notice a reduction in feelings of attunement. 

I am grateful for what I learned through the classes. I was able to apply those teachings and distance Reiki to many individuals and many situations, including COVID. In the latter half of 2021, I found myself with two back-to-back major surgeries. I faced challenges in healing from both until I began to send Reiki to them. Very quickly afterward, I would either find relief or we would find the reason for the complication. 

Natasha’s teaching style is wonderful and something that I learned from. She works with everyone on an individualized level that can sometimes be missed in group sessions with other instructors. This was never the case with Natasha and is solidified through her leadership in other groups, I’ve never felt out of place in her groups. They are some of the warmest and most welcoming gatherings. Everyone can learn something from them, whether it is facilitating their growth or learning from the experiences of each other. 

I made some massive life changes in February of 2022 – specifically leaving the career that I had spent well over a decade in. While my health was first and foremost the reason behind this change, a major reason was that I wanted to be able to have more time and energy to practice Reiki and to shift to a path that is more aligned with my spirit. I would not have made that change without Reiki. 

When I say that my life opened in ways that I cannot begin to describe once I began to incorporate Reiki into it, especially Reiki II, that would be nothing short of an understatement. My perception of the world itself has changed. It has made me a more conscious person. It has helped me with my physical, mental, and spiritual health in ways that I cannot describe. I have experienced things that I can only sum up with “Reiki.” 

When something happens and I just can’t begin to understand or comprehend it, along with whatever steps need to be taken I send Reiki to it and I trust in the Universe. I send Reiki to the food I cook, and the water I drink and give thanks for it all. It helped me to better recognize the privileges and gifts that the Universe has provided. It has made me a better person, and, for that, I am eternally grateful. The spark has turned into a fire of knowledge and I cannot wait to see where my journey will take me next! 

If you ever have the chance to work with Natasha, whether as a client, as a student, or as a member of a group session that she is leading, please take that path! This is more than life-changing and calling it such almost feels like a cliché. This will impact every area of your life. It will reveal a lot of truths to you, some of which may seem overwhelming (Natasha’s guidance helps so much here). It reminds me of working with one of the deities that I do, in which if you are not ready for that change to be made for you to live your best life and your life’s purpose, then the Universe will facilitate that change for you. 

Thank you, Natasha!

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With love and light,
Natasha Nirvana

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