Why I Decided to Teach Reiki

It’s been a while since I’ve re-introduced myself to you. Maybe we’ve known each other for a while and maybe you’re new here. If so, welcome, I can’t wait to get to know you!

I’m Natasha Nirvana (she/they) and I’m an educator, mentor, and healer for topics of Reiki, energy healing, and intuitive practices and strategies for success in life and business.

I’m dedicated to empowering and inspiring others to live authentically, follow their intuition, and pursue their passion for personal and planetary healing in hopes to create a more inclusive, accepting, equitable, and collaborative world.

I started teaching Reiki in 2019 because I felt called to share Reiki with others to empower them in their own healing and in helping others. It’s my vision to train the next generation of Reiki practitioners to share this gift with the world in their own unique ways.

Since 2019, I’ve taught dozens of students to connect with Reiki and develop their own unique practice. The way I teach allows each of my students to access their intuition and lean into the process so that they leave fully confident in their abilities as Reiki practitioners.

I also provide ongoing support for each of my students – something that I feel is lacking in many Reiki courses. I’ve had many students who have trained with other teachers but have lost confidence in their practice because they weren’t taught how to practically apply Reiki in their own lives.

As a teacher, it’s my desire that each of my students leave feeling confident in their abilities and ready to integrate Reiki into their everyday lives, no matter what their life path is.

There are many paths a Reiki student can take beyond becoming a Reiki practitioner and I love to teach students how they can use it in their own lives. We need Reiki practitioners everywhere!

It’s time that Reiki is made available so that everyone can become empowered with their own energy. Instead of having to depend on external sources.

Each person is drawn to Reiki in a different way, and when Reiki calls you in, you may not be sure why. I was called to Reiki in a really unique way. Before learning Reiki, I had never received Reiki, but I knew that it was meant for me.

When I look at the world I can recognize how energy is moving through it and how it all connects together.

I was drawn in and I wanted to know more about the mystery of how energy worked. I still do, I spend most of my studies learning about energy, the natural world, and our physiology.

It wasn’t long after my first Reiki class that my chronic digestive problems began to heal. Going from daily stomach upset to only sometimes experiencing that hooked me in. It was so clear to me how effective Reiki was. I became thirsty to learn more and continued on to Reiki II and then Light Activation Healing, DNA Reactivation, Advanced Spiritual Healing, Reiki III Master Teacher Certification, and now Shamanic healing practices and Human Design. I’m always reading, learning, practicing, deepening my knowledge, and strengthening my abilities, and I continue to follow my calling every day.

Sharing Reiki is my gift. I’m so grateful that it gets to be a part of my life every day.

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