A Guide for Learning Reiki on Your Own

Can you learn Reiki on your own? There are an extensive number of books, youtube videos, and affordable Udemy courses for Reiki available. It’s an interesting phenomenon given that the original Reiki Masters kept Reiki a secret.

Only a select few learned from the masters, Mikao Usui and Madame Takata. Now, anyone can learn Reiki, it’s readily available and has been popularized through social media.

There’s so much information available, that you could easily begin to train yourself. In fact, I believe that everyone has access to Reiki energy, right now, without any training.

Reiki is universal life force energy. When you learn Reiki, you learn to tap into life force energy consciously and channel it.

We’re all already connected with this energy. If you’ve ever felt a sense of oneness with the world then you’ve connected with this energy.

Universal life force energy connects all living things and gives them life. Everything is made up of life force energy. As I learned Reiki, I learned to observe the way life force energy moves through us.

So, if you’re already connected to life force energy and can learn it on your own. Then why take a Reiki class? One of the key components of a Reiki class is attunement. The attunement tunes you into the frequencies of Reiki.

Each level of Reiki has its own frequency that you drop into when receiving the attunement.

Plus, we all know the value of education and having someone guide us through the process. We live in an age where information is readily available to us. We can learn anything we want from a book, youtube video, or google search.

What this information can’t provide is experience and practical application.

Another reason to take a Reiki class is to have a mentor to help you disseminate the information. Unfortunately, with the abundance of information available, there is also a lot of misinformation out there.

The things people have told me they’ve found in their Reiki searches blows my mind. Sometimes, I find it concerning because some of the misinformation can be harmful.

I’ve helped many people deepen their Reiki practice, fill holes in their Reiki education, and decondition false information.

All that being said, I want to share with you a simple practice for connecting with Reiki right now. 

Connecting with Reiki is done through meditation and/or conscious awareness. Reiki is universal life force energy and it’s channeled from the Universe, Source, and/or your higher power.

To begin connecting with Reiki, you’ll want to start with focused meditation. In your meditation visualize sending roots into the earth to keep you grounded in the Earth plane.

Then, imagine opening up through your crown chakra. Imagine a white light pouring in through your crown and into your heart chakra.

Place your hands on your heart and feel this white light filling your heart space. You should feel a sense of peace and love. This is Reiki energy beginning to flow through you!

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