How to Show Up in Life

I’ve lived most of my life, especially the last ten years with purpose. I’m always working toward the next goal or towards some achievement. On the surface, sometimes it’s difficult for me to feel sympathy for people who are feeling purposeless. When I dig deeper though, I’ve definitely felt purposeless because even though I’m always working towards a goal doesn’t mean that I’m always in alignment with my purpose.

When the pandemic hit and I had to shut down Nirvana Healing Center, it sent me into a spiral of purposelessness. If I wasn’t doing my work, then what meaning was there to my life? I had spent the previous 8 years of my life defining my purpose solely based on what I was doing for work. I felt hopeless, my life was crumbling and I had no idea how long it would last. Thanks to having a ton of time for self-reflection, I realized that I needed to redefine my purpose so that I could find meaning in my life even without my work.

Your purpose isn’t something you discover, it’s something you choose.

We can choose to live our life for something external, based on what we’ve been told, the people we’re trying to please, or what society tells us. When I really dig deep this is where purposeless shows up as a shadow in my life. I’ve spent so much time trying to do what I think is going to make someone else happy. I’m still working towards a goal, a purpose, but not mine.

It’s led to feeling resentment, worthlessness, and self-doubt. Living a purposeless life can lead to feelings of numbness, not caring, and hopelessness and it can also lead to feeling like nothing you do matters, like nothing brings you joy, and like you can never achieve anything. Maybe you’ve been living a completely purposeless life and maybe you’ve been living a life for others. At some point, this will leave a lot of people in a place of searching and trying to find their purpose.

But your purpose isn’t something you discover, it’s something you choose.

When you’re trying to find your purpose and feel stuck it’s because something is blocking you from making that choice. You already know your purpose. Chances are you’re already aware of what you want to manifest, of what you are working towards. You have goals and dreams that are there lying dormant waiting for you to choose them. You have your own unique purpose, not someone else’s!

Want to know your purpose? 

You are here to shine your light! You are here to show up and live life and enjoy the experience!

We need to stop talking about how you are going to discover your purpose and start talking about what you are going to step up and choose for yourself. What feels most empowering to you? A state of searching or consciously choosing your own path?

Be honest with yourself, what is your big dream? The one that seems so big you could never achieve, the one you gave up, the one that seems crazy, the one that someone put down. Are you showing up for it?

Are you sharing your gifts with the world or are you dimming your light?

Are you afraid to be seen or judged? Or are you afraid of being too much, too big, too self-centered, or too successful?

Divine being, you are needed. 

You have a beautiful soul that chose to come into this world. That alone is purposeful.

Your uniqueness is needed in this world. Now is the time to work your soul’s directive in any way that you can.

Are you shining your light? Can you shine it even brighter?

You are one with the divine and you have the ability to weave your dreams into the fabric of your reality. At any moment you can make a choice that will change your reality. What you do, what you choose matters.

Trust that when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

There are so many movies now that experiment with multiple realities and different timelines. Most recently, Everything Everywhere All at Once and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness both explore these concepts. They explore what would happen if you made a different choice, what are the possibilities that exist, and how each choice shifts reality.

Imagine it for yourself, what are the possibilities that exist based on the choices you make. Each choice you make shifts your path and your reality. You are in the driver’s seat, be conscious of the reality you are creating.

Instead of talking about why it’s so hard for you to find your purpose, let’s talk about what’s blocking you from choosing to live life on purpose. This is exactly what we can talk about in an Intuitively Guided Business Strategy Session and you don’t have to have a business to take advantage of this offer.

In an Intuitively Guided Business Strategy Session, we ask the right questions to help you finally find answers. We can ask:

  • What do I need to know about my purpose?
  • What is the next step I can take on my soul’s path?
  • How can I show up in the world and shine my light?
  • What is blocking me from living a purposeful life?
  • What is blocking me from shining my light?
  • And more

In a purpose-focused Intuitively Guided Business Strategy Session we will find the root cause of what is blocking you from fully showing up and shining your light. We’ll do this by giving you permission to choose your life purpose and exploring how to make the best choice for yourself. After the reading, you’ll be able to fully own your purpose and believe it so that you can shine your light.

To take the next step, start by booking a clarity call here so we can discuss the process and next steps.

With love and light,

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