What’s Blocking You from Choosing Life on Purpose

Last week we talked about choosing to live life on purpose. Let’s take a look at the chakras and what blocks us from making that choice. While these blocks can show up all throughout the chakra system, today I want to talk about the solar plexus. When someone is feeling blocked from their purpose, almost always a block in the solar plexus shows up.

The solar plexus is the center for personal power and individuality. It goes through a series of developmental phases as we grow up. The first phase of development is at about 2 years old, it’s what some people refer to as the terrible twos. At two years old, we’re learning who we are, independent of our parents. In order to do that we have to test and experiment with who we are. Often this is done by saying no to everything! 

During our teenage years, we go through a second developmental phase of the solar plexus as we move into adulthood. We’re learning who we are as adult individuals. This chakra becomes blocked when that individuation process isn’t able to happen. This is the case for many people and it is especially so for those who are assigned female at birth. 

If your solar plexus hasn’t been allowed to develop fully and you haven’t had the opportunity to really figure out who you are, then in adulthood you’ll hit a point when it’s time to find yourself. Eventually, you’ll have an identity crisis, midlife crisis, or what some people describe as a nervous breakdown. In order to discover yourself, often your whole world will crumble. (In tarot, this is referred to as the Tower card, so if you’ve ever drawn this or had it pulled in a reading you probably know what I’m talking about.)

The things that don’t allow us to develop fully are called conditioning. Being young and impressionable, we are extremely sensitive to the conditioning from the world around us. This conditioning comes in from our parents, families, school, peers, and society.

There are a multitude of nuanced ways in which the solar plexus becomes conditioned. What it comes down to most of the time is what Emily Nagoski refers to as human giver syndrome. Human givers have a duty to give everything they have – their time, their attention, their patience, their love, their rest, their bodies, their hopes and dreams, their very lives sometimes, sacrificed on the altar of other humans’ comfort and convenience.

There are countless ways we are conditioned to become human givers. Sometimes it is modeled behavior from our parents or they put inappropriate responsibilities on us. For those of us who are assigned female at birth, society almost requires it of us. All the messages society sends tell us that “Good Woman = Human Giver”.

When your solar plexus is blocked, instead of choosing to live a life on purpose, you people please, always doing what you are supposed to do or what others want you to do. Doing anything else would mean suffering from mounds of guilt, shame, and fear.

The problem with people pleasing is that eventually you’ll grow bitter, angry, or frustrated because it doesn’t resonate with your soul. Trying to do what makes other people happy isn’t living in integrity with your own truth. The more you try, the more the resentment will build up in your body causing all kinds of dis-ease. The more you refuse to listen to your wants and needs, the more your heart and soul feel betrayed.

Even if you don’t know your purpose right now. Your soul is still calling for you to honor yourself. You’re destined for something. It may not be what you thought it would be and it has nothing to do with what everyone else wants. But its there inside of you, calling you from somewhere deep and true. You know it’s there because you can feel a sense of power arising from your true self. It’s calling you to take action, make a commitment to explore something, or make a purposeful choice.

If you want to live a purposeful life, you have to remove the blocks to your essential self. When you do that, your purpose will find you.

The good news is, you can learn to clear out the conditioning so that you can hear your inner voice.

There are many ways that people try to remove this conditioning. A lot of people try to use mindset work, repeating the same affirmations over and over hoping that they will believe them. The problem is that you’re still carrying it in your energetic field. No matter how many times you repeat the same affirmation it will never ring true until the untruth is cleared from your energetic field.

When you address the energetic conditioning you are carrying you are able to root out the conditioning from its source and expunge it from your field.

Try this next time your inner self critic shows up. Ask yourself who that critical voice resembles. Is it a parent, a peer, a mentor? Then notice the voice of rebellion, the voice that says, “That’s not true!” What message does it have for you? Who’s voice is the rebellious voice? Is it your inner child?

During an Intuitive Healing Session my goal is to help you pinpoint the conditioning that is blocking you from living your life on purpose. To guide you so you can listen to your inner voice, make purposeful decisions, commit to following your authentic purpose, and move forward and take action.

My Intuitive Healing Sessions are available in person and virtually, take the next step and make a commitment to discovering your true self by selecting the time that works best for you and you’ll be guided through the steps to schedule your next session!

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