Why Clairvoyance Doesn’t Work

Are you a coach, therapist, or healer that struggles to get clear visions when you’re working with a client? How many times have you sat in a group where there was a guided visualization and the people in the room shared all the amazingly clear and detailed visions they received, while you sit there wondering why all you managed to see was maybe a blue light or perhaps just the insides of your eyelids?

Instead of leaving with spectacular insights, you leave feeling disappointed, inadequate, and frustrated. Why is it so easy for some people to have these extraordinary visions while others have none? The reason is that for them clairvoyance is a huge part of their unique Intuitive Blueprint. The problem for you isn’t that you’re not clairvoyant, it’s that you haven’t yet discovered and learned to tap into your unique Intuitive Blueprint.

When you’re working with a client but you don’t know your unique Intuitive Blueprint, you’re going to constantly be fighting an uphill battle to tune into the psychic senses you find most attractive. You try to be like your mentors and peers and get stuck in comparison mode, which creates more blocks to your intuition. Your clients can leave feeling disconnected, dissatisfied, and misunderstood which causes them to doubt the power of your work, and instead of coming back, they’ll continue searching for an answer.

You do this because you haven’t been taught how to tap into your unique Intuitive Blueprint. So many teachers teach how to do things the way they learned to do them because that is what worked for them. Where they go wrong, is assuming that just because something worked for them that it’s going to work for everybody. The truth is that you are unique, you have an individual learning style, you have unique experiences and gifts, and you have a Unique Intuitive Blueprint.

Your unique Intuitive Blueprint exists within you right now, just waiting to be discovered. Over the past 3 years of teaching Reiki, I’ve helped my students discover their Unique Intuitive Blueprint so that they can give their clients stellar feedback after their sessions. Once they discover their Unique Intuitive Blueprint, the light bulb turns on and they can access so much clarity in their intuition as they read the chakras. It’s all about tapping into all of your psychic senses to discover your strengths and then learning to interpret the information you’re receiving.

So next time you are trying to tap into your intuition, whether that’s to gain information about a client or for yourself or during a guided visualization, instead of training to visualize try dropping into your other senses. Bring all your senses to the intention or question and begin to notice what you feel, hear, know, smell, and taste too. As you do this, your Unique Intuitive Blueprint will start to make itself clearer to you.

In my work with my clients and students, one of my goals is to help them to discover their Unique Intuitive Blueprint through meditations, exercises, and tapping into my intuition to help them to receive the information they need to get clear intuitive messages for themselves and their clients.

If you’d like to discover what’s blocking your ability to get clear intuitive messages for your clients, I have four spots open for Intuitively Guided Business Strategy Sessions where I’ll tune into your blocks and your Unique Intuitive Blueprint and work together to help you increase your clarity and deliver better feedback in your sessions. To grab a spot, you can book here or schedule a free clarity call to get to know each other and figure out if this would be a good fit for you.

With love and light,

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