How Feeling Unsafe Affects The Chakra System

In working with energy, there’s often a pattern where energy cut off at the root chakra affects the entire energetic system in a variety of ways. The root chakra is responsible for your sense of safety. So when that safety feels threatened, it can block the other chakras from performing at their best.

Here are some ways that an imbalanced root chakra shows up in the chakras:

  1. Root Chakra – If you’re an emotional eater or have trouble losing weight, this is often an unconscious way that we create a sense of safety for ourselves. Instead of feeling safe to let go, on an unconscious level we hold onto what isn’t good for us by storing it up in our bodies in the form of fat. On the other hand, it might feel unsafe for you to have things, maybe because as a child you were not allowed ownership over your things. In this case, we might feel insecure, afraid that what we have is too good for us, and sabotage it before it really gets good.
  2. Sacral Chaka – When it’s difficult to experience pleasure and joy in our lives as a result of an imbalance in the root, it’s because we don’t feel safe experiencing those emotions. It could be a challenge for you to feel any emotion that is “too extreme” because of being ridiculed for doing so. You might also feel guilty for enjoying the things that you love or having the things you desire because someone told you that you don’t deserve it or you are afraid that having it will put you in a position to be attacked by others.
  3. Solar Plexus – If an unbalanced root is affecting the solar plexus, then it doesn’t feel safe to be yourself. There’s probably an exiled inner child hiding inside because of shame. This will manifest in life with the constant feeling of not being good enough and beating yourself up for every little mistake you make. Many people who feel unsafe being themselves also have perfectionist tendencies because they are always trying to prove themselves to someone.
  4. Heart – Is it safe for you to give and receive love? Feeling unsafe giving love to others is usually connected to a fear that if we love, the person we are loving will take that love away or be taken away from us. When you feel safe receiving love, it is easy to accept love from others instead of turning them away before they even have the chance to love you.
  5. Throat – Fear of speaking our truth because it feels unsafe to do so is a result of an unbalanced root. This will show up as being afraid of how people will respond to you. Feeling like if you speak your truth then you will be punished for it by being yelled at or told that you are wrong. You might also have trouble expressing your feelings or tapping into creative expression. You may also talk a lot to avoid silence because of how that silence makes you feel.
  6. Third Eye – The root chakra affects the third eye by making it difficult to think straight or to remember things. If this is because of the root, it’s usually because the mind is holding traumatic memories so that the body doesn’t have to feel the emotions attached to them. We can also create a different vision of the world than what is true in order to create a sense of safety for ourselves.
  7. Crown – At the crown, we escape to save ourselves from physical reality. This escape might come in the form of consuming yourself with spirituality, religion, or a kind of physical escape. This can be because our reality feels or has a history of feeling completely unsafe and being unable to create a sense of safety within.

What comes up for you as you reflect on the chakras? 

Did you notice anywhere that the theme of safety is showing up in your own chakra system?

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