How Do You Make Space For Yourself?

After a crazy busy month in October, I’m finding myself with much more space in my schedule this week. That used to drive me crazy, I would freak out about not being enough, like “lack” was a reflection of my own self-worth. It took me a long time to embrace that having space in my schedule is an opportunity for me to value myself and give myself time for self-care.

So much arises in space and silence.

These opportunities for alone time and going within can bring inspiration, creativity, and time for enjoyment and play. On the other hand, if we have shadows and things that we are suppressing these times can be extremely uncomfortable and overwhelming as they bring up all our pain, our fears, and negative thoughts. Instead of going within and facing these shadows, we keep ourselves busy and distracted in avoidance. Only to face periods of burnout, illness, and waves of overwhelming emotions over and over and over again.

So, how do you move from discomfort and overwhelm to inspiration and play?

We find that answer through going within and making space within our hearts. It’s through letting go of the pain, of the fears, of the negative thoughts, and filling that space with love for ourselves. When we open our hearts, we allow love to pour in, not through seeking it outside ourselves but through cultivating it within.

We find this love through giving ourselves and those around us more freedom, independence, and by making the choice to grow. In that space, you tune into your heart and face the shadows. You meet with the voice that says you’re not enough and you beat that shit to the ground by claiming your enoughness and treating yourself as the worthy and valued human being that you are.

Imagine the version of a valued and worthy version of yourself. What would they do with the space?

Would they dance naked in the backyard? Do that!
Would they take a hike? Do that!
Would they book a massage, facial, or intuitive healing session for themself? Do that!
The possibilities are endless. That version of yourself exists right now and that action that they would take, you are fully capable of doing!

And if you are super busy and feel like you need space, take the time. Eliminate the things that drain you, give yourself permission to take a break. There is always more time for you. That’s what this life is for, it’s for experiencing life at its fullest and thoroughly enjoying it.

Collectively the energy is heavy right now and we need space for ourselves. We need to make time for ourselves to address any trauma or pain that arises. We need time to get in tune with our feelings and be really honest with ourselves and the people around us. We need time to heal the parts of ourselves that feel unseen, unheard, and unwanted. You are not alone in this.

When we make space for ourselves and make space in our hearts, our ability to receive and manifest drastically increases. Notice how when you make space the inspiration starts to flow through and people become more naturally gravitated towards you. The Universe wants to give you your heart’s desires, but are you even open to receiving them? Don’t block your own abundance by keeping busy and closing yourself off.

How can I hold space for you today? I have space available this afternoon for a few complimentary clarity calls if you’d like to talk about how I can support you & if you’re ready to book you’ll find my upcoming availability below.

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