How Do You Unblock Your Root Chakra?

Where does the theme of safety show up in your chakra system?
Last week I shared all about how feeling unsafe affects the entire chakra system starting at the root. When we talk about healing the chakra systems we often talk about blocks in the chakra system and how to unblock specific chakras like the root chakra.

While blocks can show up in the chakras, I like to look at healing the chakras beyond just looking for blocks in the system.
Often, what I’m looking for when healing the chakras is whether a chakra is overactive, underactive, or balanced. Looking at the chakras in this way allows us to look at the chakras from a broader perspective and really see how the energy is moving throughout the entire system. If a chakra is overactive that means there’s too much energy moving through it and if it is underactive that means there’s not enough energy moving through it.

When a chakra becomes blocked, it’s because that chakra is so underactive that energy is no longer moving through it.
If we wait until our chakras become blocked to work on their energy, it becomes much more difficult to restore the system to a balanced state. Often a blocked chakra will need a lot of energy moving through it consistently to get it to return to and stay in a balanced state.

Since the root chakra is at the base of the system, if its energy becomes underactive or blocked, that energy has to go somewhere else so it pushes energy upward into the upper chakras causing them to become overactive which can cause things like anxious feelings and overthinking, both are the feeling of the upper chakras having too much energy.

So in order to heal the chakra system, we can pull this energy back down into the body and into the lower chakras, allowing the energy to flow throughout the entire system. Another way that we can heal the root chakra is by pulling energy up from the earth.

What are some things that you can do every day to balance your energy in this way? Connect with the earth daily. We draw energy in from Earth through honoring the Earth as the living source of energy that it is. When we spend time in nature and choose to really be present, we develop our connection to the Earth and are able to receive the healing benefits that Earth provides. This can be done in any form that you enjoy whether that is hiking, sunbathing, gardening, or another activity.

Practice embodiment work. This can also take multiple forms, embodiment work is anything that brings you into connection with your physical body. If you’re disconnected from your body, this can be quite uncomfortable at first so take it slow and use activities you enjoy. Breathwork, dancing, mindfulness meditation, exercise, and more are all forms of embodiment work.

Move your body. The root chakra is very physical so when we want to move energy in the root, physical activity is essential. Depending on your goals for your root chakra this may look different. For example, if you need to discharge energy you might take up kickboxing and if you need to increase the energy you might do something more strength building.

Balance it out with rest and alone time. Just like we need to be active, we also need to come into a state of rest in order to find balance. When we rest, it allows the root to recharge and clear out the energy of others so that we can come into alignment with our own energy.
If you’re struggling to find balance on your own, consider scheduling an Intuitive Healing Session, which can be extremely helpful in getting this energy to move. Sometimes, taking a step back and allowing yourself to receive is exactly what your root chakra needs to restore itself.

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