How Reiki Called To Me

Over the last ten years that I’ve practiced Reiki, I’ve learned that Reiki draws people in. Each person is drawn to Reiki in a different way, and when Reiki calls you in, you may not be sure why.

The power of Reiki is naturally magnetic, I’ve had Reiki practitioners and clients just show up at the door of Nirvana by following their intuitive guidance to be there. Sometimes that calling is a friend or family member sharing their experience of Reiki, sometimes it is a search for healing with a spiritual approach. Whatever the reason you are drawn to Reiki, it’s because you need it, it’s meant to change your life in some way.

Reiki is universal life force energy, it is available to all who are open to receiving it. Through channeling Reiki you are able to work with energy and activate your natural healing abilities. You can use Reiki self-healing treatments to help with feeling anxious, heavy, stressed, burnt out, ungrounded and unbalanced, and to stop struggling to protect your energy and taking on the energy of others. If Reiki calls to you, you can channel Reiki to help others through healing, holding space, and guidance from your intuition.

I was called to Reiki in a really unique way, before learning Reiki, I had never received Reiki, but I knew that it was meant for me. I was drawn into Reiki 10 years ago when I was in massage school. My teacher started introducing the concepts of energy to us, I remember holding my hands apart but facing each other and feeling the energy move between them. I still don’t quite know how to explain it, but the way energy flows and operates just makes sense to me. When I look at the world I can cognize how energy is moving through it and how it all connects together.

I was drawn in and I wanted to know more about the mystery of how energy worked. I still do, I spend most of my studies learning about energy, the natural world, and our physiology. So, I dove in and committed myself to take Reiki I.

It wasn’t long after my first Reiki class that my chronic digestive problems began to heal. Going from daily stomach upset to only sometimes experiencing that hooked me in, it was so clear to me how effective Reiki was. I became thirsty to learn more and continued on to Reiki II and then Light Activation Healing, DNA Reactivation, Advanced Spiritual Healing, Reiki III Master Teacher Certification, and now Shamanic healing practices and Human Design. I’m always reading, learning, practicing, deepening my knowledge, strengthening my abilities, and I continue to follow my calling every day.

My calling to Reiki didn’t end with learning Reiki I, it began, it opened up a whole new world to me. Or rather, it helped me remember who I am at a very deep level. It continues to do so, it pushes me to see the deepest parts of myself and become more of who I am every day.

My calling to Reiki led to my calling to share Reiki with others. Reiki is a beautiful gift that radically changed my life. How could I not share it?

When I was called to share Reiki with others, I was scared. I was afraid I would be rejected, that people would think that I was crazy, that I wouldn’t be accepted by others. I knew how much it could help others and my intuition kept guiding me to share. My resistance to Reiki was so strong, I tried really hard to shut out that part of my life, to keep it in for myself. But I couldn’t, holding it in destroyed me. Holding back on sharing Reiki was holding back a piece of my true self, it was representative of every piece of my that I’ve ever held back. The Universe was telling me to show the world who I am and Reiki pushes me to show the world all that I am.

To me, sharing Reiki is about holding a container for others to discover this part of themselves. Then to discover themselves on a deep, deep level. As I hold the container for others to discover themselves, I get to see them. Sharing your energy with me is one of the most beautiful gifts that you can give.

Sharing Reiki is my gift. I’m so grateful that it gets to be a part of my life every day.

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