Inclusivity in Sacred Spaces

In my Spiritual studies I learned that rest was an aspect of the Divine Feminine, a “feminine” quality. It is not uncommon in women’s circles to talk about the feminine aspects of energy. In fact, it is often thrown in your face.

Feeling excitement about embracing your Inner Goddess or Divine Feminine is normal and healthy. It feels so juicy when you first start to establish that relationship with yourself especially after the patriarchy masculinized the world.

In my more recent studies, I discovered how the concepts of masculine and feminine energy can be harmful because of their inherent nature of excluding those who identify outside of this binary spectrum. Instead of integrating all of the parts of us, we limit ourselves to this binary identity, ostracizing the parts of ourselves that are other. Consequently, we ostracize others, because we do not accept these parts ourselves. 

I learned that many of us come from Atlantis and Lemuria. During this time, it is likely that we were largely Androgynus. The ideas of masculinity and femininity were developed when these civilizations fell and the patriarchy took over.

As women, it is our responsibility to discover other aspects, like the Divine Androgyne and integrate them. Instead of referring to the masculine and feminine and attributing specific qualities to these, we can use systems that are more inclusive, like yin and yang. When we do this, we more easily accept others and thereby become more inclusive.

In circles, we can integrate all these aspects. We can create spaces specifically for women and we can create spaces that are inclusive of all identities. In the Empowered Intuitive Sisterhood, all those who identify as feminine or non-binary are welcome. As someone who identifies as woman and also as non-binary, I can understand and most easily create a safe space for those who identify similar to me.

Because of the trauma caused by the patriarchy, those who identify as male are invited to find spaces for healing with other men, it is just as important that they also do this healing work supported by those who understand and identify similar to them in a space that is safe for their healing process.

How are you working on integrating these concepts? What would you like to see from these sacred spaces like circles?

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