Going on a Short Hiatus

If you’ve been around me for a while, you know that I am pretty much an open book. I like to share about my personal journey in Reiki, in business, and sometimes I also share about my personal life when I feel like it might help someone who can relate. Today I’m sharing something a little bit different, but it’s just because my excitement is overflowing and so is the love in my heart.

In 3 days, I will be marrying my soul partner, a man who values the same things I do and has the same hopes and dreams for the future. After more than 3 years together, and a year and a half of planning, we will finally be saying “we do.” I won’t say that we’ve had a perfect love story – who could when cramped together in a matchbox apartment during a pandemic? But we have survived a lot as a couple and know that our future lives together will be filled with the normal ups and downs of life (hopefully more ups than downs!).

This is why I’ve been missing in action from your email inbox for a few weeks. Organizing a wedding or any large event comes with a lot of small details that all come down to the last minute and make it harder to focus on your regularly scheduled life. Although I’m planning to continue to share a bit on social media, I’ll be taking a short hiatus from most other aspects of my business for several weeks in April as we travel on our honeymoon. If you want to schedule Reiki or a Clarity Call before or after our honeymoon, my calendar will be updated to reflect my adjusted availability.

Thank you for sharing my journey and I’m looking forward to continuing to share with you in the future.

Love and Light,
Natasha Nirvana

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