Are You Truly Listening to Your Inner Voice?

I talk a lot about intuition and it can be so difficult to discern our own voice from others and truly listen to our inner voice. So many of our insecurities, doubts, and blocks stem from not truly listening to our intuition. If you’re in the process of creating this can show up as…

  • Struggling with a lack of clarity around your service offerings, packages, and programs.
  • Constantly comparing your offers to others in the market and feeling like you or your offer aren’t enough.
  • Being unsure of where to focus because you want to do all the things, you know that somehow they all intersect but can’t find that point.
  • Trying every strategy out there over and over again, even though they make you feel shitty and never work.

I totally get it, I’ve dealt with all of these things in my business myself. 

(A little secret, I’m dealing with them right now with this program. Even though I know deep down Intuitive Offer Creation is amazing and my soul is calling me to share this message.)

That’s why I created Intuitive Offer Creation – because I’m sick of solutions that lead us away from listening to our inner voice. 

I know there’s a way to do it differently because every time I find my voice, I release resistance a little more!

Intuitive Offer Creation is going to help you to…

  • Access your Unique Intuitive Blueprint, to remember that you do have an intuition and your heart and body already know.
  • Stop comparing your intuition and the way you run your business to other people.
  • Create at least one profitable program that you can launch over and over again.

This program is so high-touch, I’ll be there along the way holding your hand. I’ll be there to validate your intuition and downloads when doubt arises.

This 4-week group mentorship program starts March 9th.

Week 1: You’ll discover your Unique Intuitive Blueprint
Week 2: You’ll discover your blocks to accessing your Unique Intuitive Blueprint and using it in business.
Week 3: You’ll use your Unique Intuitive Blueprint to channel the most profitable offer that you have within you right now.
Week 4: You’ll refine your offer so that you feel fully confident in your offer and its pricing.

You’ll leave the mentorship in alignment with your offer and ready to sell!

Ready to join? Sign up here or book a clarity call. There’s no pressure to join, I’m available to answer all your questions and help you figure out if this is the right fit.

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