The Reiki I for Self Healing Online Course begins October 15th

The Reiki I for Self Healing Course begins October 15th. With just two weeks left until we start, I want to invite you to consider if this course is right for you and give you the opportunity to register before enrollment closes!

The Reiki I for Self Healing Course is created for souls who are seeking to open up their connection to life force energy and channel it for self-healing. This course will help you to experience more presence, peace, ease, and well-being by learning how energy works, the energetic systems, and how to use energy in your everyday life.

The Reiki I for Healing Course was created to support souls who are fascinated by energy and the spiritual aspects of life in creating a future where we take responsibility for our own healing. We prioritize our self-care and well being first so that we can show up better for our families and communities and do our part in contributing to the healing of the planet.

It’s time to move away from feeling anxious, heavy, stressed, burnt out, ungrounded and unbalanced, to stop struggling to protect your energy and taking on the energy of others.

This course will support you in moving into a more power-filled state. Bringing more life force energy into your system will help you to protect and balance your energy. You will have the self-healing tools and strategies that you can use to become empowered and self-reliant in your healing journey. With a daily self Reiki practice physical pain and symptoms are often greatly reduced.

If you’re ready to register, you can use the payment links directly on the course page. Once you’ve registered, send me an email to confirm your registration and I will get you all set up for the class.
Here’s a link to the Course Page!
The Reiki I for Self Healing Course will provide you with:

⊛Your Reiki I Attunement and Reiki I Workbook.
⊛Three 2-hour live education sessions via Zoom that will be recorded so that you can watch them back.
⊛A Reiki Principles Workbook & Chakra Workbook to work through for your self-healing process.
⊛Various meditations to enhance your practice, including chakra meditations, meditations on the Reiki principles, a grounding & cleansing meditation, and a guided self-treatment meditation.
⊛One-on-One Support for the duration of the program is provided via email and additional integration sessions are available.             
…Plus anything else needed to complete your training!
What you will learn:

I will guide you through the process of learning what Reiki is, how it works, and how it can help you.You will also learn the history of Reiki, the Reiki principles, and the chakra system.With grounding techniques, powerful tools for energetic clearing and protection, and how to address specific issues using Reiki.
Total Investment $333, payment plans are available.

Classes are October 15th-October 29th,
Fridays 3pm-5pm PST on Zoom.

Doors close for sign ups October 6th. 

To join, visit the Reiki I for Self Healing Course page and use the payment links directly on the course page. Once you’ve registered, send me an email to confirm your registration and I will get you all set up for the class. Discounted integration sessions are still available (reg. $222) to the next 3 people who sign up. One integration session can be added on for $196 or you can add on two integration sessions for $366.

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