How to Use Your Intuition for Self Healing

When you first learn or receive Reiki, you might doubt whether it is working and struggle to “feel” Reiki energy. This is because Reiki speaks a subtle language that you’re not used to receiving.

We’ve been taught that the only way to receive information is by using only our physical senses because science has proven them. We’ve been taught to believe that truth must be proven without a shadow of a doubt. We want everything to be 100% certain so that we can trust it. Notice a theme here? We want to be able to trust and trust and truth go hand in hand. You can’t have trust based on lies. Lies are exactly what destroys the fabric of trust, including our ability to trust ourselves.

When you first learn or receive Reiki, your only job is to relax and experience. You step into the role of the student and the scientist. You start to learn the subtle language of Reiki that speaks through your intuition. You ask questions, observe, and experiment. And as you learn, you’re ability to speak the subtle language of Reiki grows and your ability to “feel” Reiki energy gets stronger.

Reiki speaks through the subtle language of your intuition. Your intuition has many different channels for communication. You may receive information from your psychic senses: feeling, hearing, knowing, seeing, smelling, or tasting. You may notice synchronicities or coincidences that line up with your thoughts. You may experience inspiration or desire that benefits your highest good. You may make decisions following your intuition whether that is emotional, guttural, spontaneous, verbal, willful, or contemplative. You have each of these different ways of communicating with your intuition but there are channels that are stronger in you than others. The goal is to focus on your strengths first and then expand your awareness to the other channels.

When you tune into your strongest channels of intuitive communication your ability to “feel” Reiki energy amplifies. Notice how I’ve put feel in quotations because not everyone’s strongest intuitive channel is feeling. If you have trouble perceiving energy through feeling try visualizing what energy might look like, listen for the voice energy carries, trust what you know about energy, or tune into the smells or tastes of energy. Reiki energy will have a unique way of communicating with you through your strongest intuitive channels.

As you learn to speak the language of your intuition, you will begin to receive information about your healing and what is needed. Feelers will feel a blockage in your body, use movement to move it out. Hearers will hear your inner voice guiding you to make better choices, listen. Knowers will know what is best for you, trust it. Seers will visualize a block, visualize it dissolving. Utilizing your strengths, listening to your intuition, trusting it, and taking action are the keys to your self-healing.

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Love & light,

Natasha Nirvana

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