Embodiment for Empaths

Becoming embodied is essential for empaths in order to trust our intuition.

My boyfriend recently shared with me Charles Bukowski’s technique of sleeping 3 days in order to restore your creative juices.

My initial reaction, was yeah right, who has time for that? Which is just the problem, we’ve been conditioned to always be producing. We’ve learned that if we take time to pause nothing will come of it.

Despite my initial thoughts, I yearned for this deep rest, to just sleep as much as my body needed. So I listened, I am listening. I am devoting myself to giving my body the rest it needs. I may not be sleeping for three days straight. But I am trusting my body to regulate itself when it comes to sleep.

This is the embodiment work that we need to do as empaths. Being an empath is a gift, its the gift of feeling fully with our bodies. How can we do that when we are not grounded and embodied?

If we are empathic and sending all of our energy upward and constantly trying to connect outwards for intuition and guidance, we will be swimming upriver.

We connect with our intuition by becoming embodied, grounded, and listening to what our bodies need.

Have you struggled with this kind of conditioning where you feel like you must always be producing? Why do you feel that way?

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