Going on a Short Hiatus

If you’ve been around me for a while, you know that I am pretty much an open book. I like to share about my personal journey in Reiki, in business, and sometimes I also share about my personal life when I feel like it might help someone who can relate. Today I’m sharing something a little bit different, but it’s just because my excitement is overflowing and so is the love in my heart.

In 3 days, I will be marrying my soul partner, a man who values the same things I do and has the same hopes and dreams for the future. After more than 3 years together, and a year and a half of planning, we will finally be saying “we do.” I won’t say that we’ve had a perfect love story – who could when cramped together in a matchbox apartment during a pandemic? But we have survived a lot as a couple and know that our future lives together will be filled with the normal ups and downs of life (hopefully more ups than downs!).

This is why I’ve been missing in action from your email inbox for a few weeks. Organizing a wedding or any large event comes with a lot of small details that all come down to the last minute and make it harder to focus on your regularly scheduled life. Although I’m planning to continue to share a bit on social media, I’ll be taking a short hiatus from most other aspects of my business for several weeks in April as we travel on our honeymoon. If you want to schedule Reiki or a Clarity Call before or after our honeymoon, my calendar will be updated to reflect my adjusted availability.

Thank you for sharing my journey and I’m looking forward to continuing to share with you in the future.

Love and Light,
Natasha Nirvana

Are You Truly Listening to Your Inner Voice?

I talk a lot about intuition and it can be so difficult to discern our own voice from others and truly listen to our inner voice. So many of our insecurities, doubts, and blocks stem from not truly listening to our intuition. If you’re in the process of creating this can show up as…

  • Struggling with a lack of clarity around your service offerings, packages, and programs.
  • Constantly comparing your offers to others in the market and feeling like you or your offer aren’t enough.
  • Being unsure of where to focus because you want to do all the things, you know that somehow they all intersect but can’t find that point.
  • Trying every strategy out there over and over again, even though they make you feel shitty and never work.

I totally get it, I’ve dealt with all of these things in my business myself. 

(A little secret, I’m dealing with them right now with this program. Even though I know deep down Intuitive Offer Creation is amazing and my soul is calling me to share this message.)

That’s why I created Intuitive Offer Creation – because I’m sick of solutions that lead us away from listening to our inner voice. 

I know there’s a way to do it differently because every time I find my voice, I release resistance a little more!

Intuitive Offer Creation is going to help you to…

  • Access your Unique Intuitive Blueprint, to remember that you do have an intuition and your heart and body already know.
  • Stop comparing your intuition and the way you run your business to other people.
  • Create at least one profitable program that you can launch over and over again.

This program is so high-touch, I’ll be there along the way holding your hand. I’ll be there to validate your intuition and downloads when doubt arises.

This 4-week group mentorship program starts March 9th.

Week 1: You’ll discover your Unique Intuitive Blueprint
Week 2: You’ll discover your blocks to accessing your Unique Intuitive Blueprint and using it in business.
Week 3: You’ll use your Unique Intuitive Blueprint to channel the most profitable offer that you have within you right now.
Week 4: You’ll refine your offer so that you feel fully confident in your offer and its pricing.

You’ll leave the mentorship in alignment with your offer and ready to sell!

Ready to join? Sign up here or book a clarity call. There’s no pressure to join, I’m available to answer all your questions and help you figure out if this is the right fit.

What Does Your Soul Say?

Often before I sit down to write, I’ll sit down with my oracle cards and ask for guidance around what message you need to hear right now.

Today, the card I pulled was, “What does your soul say?” I think that message is beyond fitting right now. The message is to follow your dreams and stop hesitating on pursuing your soul desires.

The message rings true for me and many others I’ve talked to this week. It seems like the energy of change and transformation is in the air. At the same time, there is a big resistance to that change.

Yesterday, that resistance completely stopped me in my tracks. I tried so hard to overcome it and take action. But self-doubt was so loud in my head. Talking me out of what I’m trying to pursue and telling me that it would be easier to just give up.

I spent so much time yesterday googling “How to overcome self-doubt and resistance.” As if I didn’t already know. Instead of listening to my soul’s voice, I looked for messages and advice from others. I so badly wanted someone to tell me, “It’s okay, you can give up, your self-doubt is a message from the Universe.”

But no matter how many cards I pulled, people I talked to, and times I googled the message was the same. The answer is to take action in spite of the doubt. Yikes!

So just as much as I need the reminder myself, I want to share it with you too. Your soul knows the answers you’re seeking right now. Your desires are 100% possible for you to achieve. This life, this moment, is about what you want.

Are you running away from a life you don’t want, or are you running toward the dream that you do want? What’s stopping you from building the life you crave?

Your soul’s guidance is always available to you. Even if you have doubt, your soul is speaking to you through that doubt. That doubt isn’t a message that you need to quit or give up, rather it is showing you contrast and the opportunities that are available to you.

If the worst-case scenario is possible, that means that the best-case scenario is also possible. All you have to do is choose the timeline of your highest good, your deepest desires, and your ultimate fulfillment. It’s simple but not quite so easy.

Your soul is speaking to you, even when it’s difficult to listen. The answer will come to you and sometimes in ways that you’re not expecting.

That happened to my client recently, to access her soul’s guidance, I suggested that she meditate and ask the question, “What is the next level in my business?” For weeks she reported that she hadn’t received an answer. Then one day she came in and shared that she had found a mentor to guide her in her practice. She asked and even though the message wasn’t clear to her, her soul answered her by providing her an answer to her request in the form of a guide.

What do you imagine can happen for you in the next 6 months? What is the next level that your soul is guiding you toward? Don’t overthink it, your soul knows the next evolution of your purpose.

My soul’s mission and vision are to create a ripple effect through teaching other service providers to amplify their soul’s mission. My desire is to guide people to do this by using their intuition to make business decisions.

If you’re someone who loves intuition, I’m inviting you to channel the next level that your soul is calling you towards. We’ll be covering all this in the Intuition in Business Mini-Course that starts today (February 16, 2022) at 2pm PST, email me to register!

If you’d like to dive in even deeper check out Intuitive Offer Creation!

Love and Light,
Natasha Nirvana

You’re Invited to the Intuition in Business Mini-Course!

Registration Is Now Open For Intuitive Offer Creation!

Lately I’ve been sharing about my journey and how my intuition has guided me through it all. It has led me to the realization that intuition is not only my guiding system and a gift, but it is also what I can share with you.

Over the last six months, I’ve been developing a program to help you tap into your intuition and channel the most profitable program you can offer right now in your business

I’m excited to announce that registration is open for my new program, Intuitive Offer Creation!

Oftentimes when people teach intuition, they expect everyone’s intuition to operate in the same way. Then when your intuition doesn’t work the same as theirs, it can feel like it’s broken, it doesn’t work, and you lose trust in yourself.

But that’s not how intuition works. Every single one of us has a Unique Intuitive Blueprint; our intuition may function in similar ways, but it can also function completely differently than others.

Intuitive Offer Creation was designed to overcome this hurdle. In this 4-week program, you will discover your Unique Intuitive Blueprint, the key to answering all of your questions, doubts, and blocks in business. Not only will you use your Unique Intuitive Blueprint to channel the most profitable program you already have within you right now, but you’ll be ready to launch your program again and again.

Right now Intuitive Offer Creation is being offered at a special early bird rate until February 8, but the price will go up at that time. 

For more information, including exactly what to expect over each of the 4 weeks of the program, click here. And if you’re on the fence or want a quick conversation before joining the program, schedule a call.

Intuition is the key to my success and I believe it can be the key to your success too!

Love and light,
Natasha Nirvana