How to Connect with Your Healing Guides

People often ask me what sets a Reiki Master apart from a Reiki Practitioner. Aside from being trained in the Master level of Reiki, I believe that what makes a true Reiki Master is their ability to work one on one with their Healing Guides in their practice. In most Reiki trainings I’ve come across, this is only briefly touched upon and students are left doubting their abilities, their connection with Source, their Guides, and Reiki energy.

Truthfully, I understand the lack in training on connecting with your Healing Guides. As a teacher, it’s one of the more difficult things to teach as Reiki isn’t only available to those who have some kind of connection or spiritual beliefs already. One of the things that Reiki claims is that you don’t have to be spiritual in order to practice Reiki. I somewhat disagree with this, for me personally, Reiki is inherently spiritual and I’ve grown immensely spiritually since the start of my journey.

What I do believe is that no matter your spiritual beliefs, you can practice Reiki. Reiki will help you to deepen your spiritual connection with whatever you believe. For more information, see my Guide to Spiritual Wellness for more information on what spiritual wellness means and how believing in a higher power is NOT required for spiritual wellness.

A true Reiki Master allows Reiki energy to work through them; they are a channel for Reiki and the Healing Guides of themselves and their clients. They are dedicated to their own healing journey, they never arrive, they are always learning. They work directly with their Guides who direct the healing and teach them through their psychic senses and intuitive guidance how to help each individual who comes to them for healing.

To learn to work with your Guides, practice and openness are key. You probably already know who some of your Guides are even if you doubt you do (most people have 2-3 consistent Guides). Usually your Guides are beings that show up regularly for you, you always talk about them, or hear their names, you see signs of them everywhere. You’ve been connected with them since you were a child and often connecting with your inner child can help you to connect with them.

All Healing Guides are fully positive and of love and light. Any entity that directs you to do something against your will, or that you know to be wrong, is not a guide. Guides can not violate your free will, make choices for you, or intervene in lessons or decisions. If you find this happening please talk to myself and/or a psychiatric professional.

The easiest way to connect with your Healing Guides is when your mind is clear and emptied. You can practice reaching this state through meditation. When your mind is clear, you can then tune into your guides through visualization, imagination, feeling, and dialog. One of the biggest challenges of connecting with your Guides is trusting what you are receiving. When you first start communicating with your Guides, you may instinctively brush off what you are receiving as “just your imagination.” I’m here to tell you that what you are receiving is real, the best confirmation of the reality of your Guides is feelings of love, peace, and surrender. Communicating with your Guides feels right because it’s inherently a piece of your soul. It always has been. When you connect, you’re relearning a piece of you.

In my Reiki I & II Practitioner Course, I teach you to connect with your Healing Guides. We practice together and I’m available to answer any questions that arise as you grow and heal.

I’d also like to announce that the doors are officially open for the next round of my Reiki I for Self Healing and Reiki I & II Practitioner Courses!

Both classes start October 8th and will occur on Fridays from 3pm-5pm, PST. We already have 2 students registered and I would love to have you join us! It’s been a long time coming and I know that this class is going to be sooo magical and power-packed.

If you have any questions about the course, I would love to invite you to Book a Complimentary Clarity Session with me to answer all of your questions and figure out which option is the best for you at this time.

If you’re ready to register, you can use the payment links directly on the course pages. Once you’ve registered, send me an email to confirm your registration and I will get you all set up for the class.

Reiki I for Self Healing Course Page

Reiki I & II Practitioner Certification Course Page

Love & light,

Natasha Nirvana

How to Use Your Intuition for Self Healing

When you first learn or receive Reiki, you might doubt whether it is working and struggle to “feel” Reiki energy. This is because Reiki speaks a subtle language that you’re not used to receiving.

We’ve been taught that the only way to receive information is by using only our physical senses because science has proven them. We’ve been taught to believe that truth must be proven without a shadow of a doubt. We want everything to be 100% certain so that we can trust it. Notice a theme here? We want to be able to trust and trust and truth go hand in hand. You can’t have trust based on lies. Lies are exactly what destroys the fabric of trust, including our ability to trust ourselves.

When you first learn or receive Reiki, your only job is to relax and experience. You step into the role of the student and the scientist. You start to learn the subtle language of Reiki that speaks through your intuition. You ask questions, observe, and experiment. And as you learn, you’re ability to speak the subtle language of Reiki grows and your ability to “feel” Reiki energy gets stronger.

Reiki speaks through the subtle language of your intuition. Your intuition has many different channels for communication. You may receive information from your psychic senses: feeling, hearing, knowing, seeing, smelling, or tasting. You may notice synchronicities or coincidences that line up with your thoughts. You may experience inspiration or desire that benefits your highest good. You may make decisions following your intuition whether that is emotional, guttural, spontaneous, verbal, willful, or contemplative. You have each of these different ways of communicating with your intuition but there are channels that are stronger in you than others. The goal is to focus on your strengths first and then expand your awareness to the other channels.

When you tune into your strongest channels of intuitive communication your ability to “feel” Reiki energy amplifies. Notice how I’ve put feel in quotations because not everyone’s strongest intuitive channel is feeling. If you have trouble perceiving energy through feeling try visualizing what energy might look like, listen for the voice energy carries, trust what you know about energy, or tune into the smells or tastes of energy. Reiki energy will have a unique way of communicating with you through your strongest intuitive channels.

As you learn to speak the language of your intuition, you will begin to receive information about your healing and what is needed. Feelers will feel a blockage in your body, use movement to move it out. Hearers will hear your inner voice guiding you to make better choices, listen. Knowers will know what is best for you, trust it. Seers will visualize a block, visualize it dissolving. Utilizing your strengths, listening to your intuition, trusting it, and taking action are the keys to your self-healing.

Interested in learning more? Check out the upcoming Reiki courses or book a Complimentary Clarity Session to discover the next best step for your healing.

Love & light,

Natasha Nirvana

Do You Have a Daily Practice?

Do you want to live a more present, peaceful, intuitive, and empowered life?

The one thing that I would recommend you implement would be a daily meditation or Reiki practice. Having a daily practice is so powerful, it makes all the difference in your ability to be present in your everyday life.

I’ve been having more conversations lately about the importance of implementing daily practices and routines. Often, these conversations are filled with, “I wish I could’s” and excuses about why one hasn’t implemented a daily practice. I see people get so stuck in the “I can’ts” that it seems they’d rather spend their time suffering and feeling miserable.

Implementing a daily Reiki practice doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming. Creating a daily practice is about making it a part of your everyday life as it exists right now and bringing more presence into your day-to-day activities.

I want you to think about all the things you do every day.

How many things do you do that are now habits? Brushing your teeth, making and drinking your coffee, checking your cell phone, and so on. We’re creatures of habit, so for most of us, we do a lot of the same things every day, over and over again. We do them so much that we sometimes take them for granted or assume that because we’re already doing so much, there’s no way that we could fit more in.

But how do we get good at anything? We practice. If you want to be good at taking care of your mental and emotional health, you must practice. If you want to be more in tune with your intuition and your inner truth, you have to practice tuning within.

The wonderful thing about practicing Reiki or meditation is that it is easy. It’s easy to do and easy to implement into the things that you are already doing and the more you practice the easier it becomes.

No one starts their practice being the best at what they do. Most of the time, when you start practicing anything it’s a struggle, an uphill battle, it takes mindfulness. The more you do it the better you’ll get. The more you practice Reiki, the more present you’ll become, the more power-filled you’ll become, the more in tune you’ll become.

To implement a daily practice of Reiki or meditation, integrate it with the things that you already do. Next time you brush your teeth take a few deep breaths and be fully present while you do it. Be really present while you make your coffee, take in the sounds and smells, and notice how you feel as you sip your fresh brew. With practice, you’ll be more present in all of your daily activities.

Love and light,

Natasha Nirvana

How Do You Start Healing?

In previous weeks, I’ve talked about how healing is a journey that begins with a choice. I remember when my healing journey first began, I grew up experiencing digestive issues. I don’t remember exactly what led to my decision to start to seek healing of my digestion but it was definitely along the lines of being tired of being sick and wanting to find an answer to what was causing my digestive issues.

I went to my medical doctor who ran multiple blood tests that all came back within normal ranges. I ended up feeling super frustrated with that doctor and then switched doctors. My new doctor gave me a diagnosis that made sense and told me I would have to rely on medication my entire life to manage my symptoms. While happy to have a diagnosis, I wasn’t happy to be on medication for the rest of the foreseeable future.

Not much later, my path led me to Reiki. I started my journey with Reiki by taking the first level of Reiki. It wasn’t long after that my digestion improved dramatically and I no longer had to take medication. I learned so much about the deeper reasons for digestion problems, the physical and emotional factors that were at the root of my pain.

Being on a self-healing journey, it can be difficult to know where to start with your healing.

There’s an overload of information available, there are classes and books galore. It’s easy to become paralyzed with overwhelm and get stuck in the process of searching for the right how-to that will be the unique answer for you.

This week, I taught the second class of my Reiki I for Self Healing course. We covered tons of information including the Reiki Principles, the chakras, and the aura. These are all systems that can be used for healing, you can start by working with a specific chakra or Reiki Principle to guide your healing. The problem is that knowing all the systems doesn’t leave you with the know-how to begin.

What sets my Reiki courses apart, is the focus on using your own intuition for healing. In that second class, we also cover the psychic senses which are our ways of intuiting.

When you discover your unique way of intuiting, so much of your self-healing capabilities are unlocked. Listening within to your intuition is the key to knowing where to go on your healing journey.

The answers are already inside of you. The key is unlocking them.

Interested in learning more? Book a Complimentary Clarity Session to discover the next best step for your healing. 

Love and light,

Natasha Nirvana

Do I need to give up smoking, drinking, or eating meat to practice Reiki?

One of the most common questions Reiki students ask me is, “Do I need to give up smoking, drinking, or eating meat to practice Reiki?” The short answer to that question is always no. You don’t need to have any special habits to practice or receive Reiki. Anyone, at any place in their life, can practice Reiki as long as they have the desire to. If you chose to learn Reiki and implement it as a part of your daily practice, your habits aren’t going to affect your ability to channel Reiki energy.

Whether you learn to practice Reiki or choose to receive Reiki, Reiki is a self-healing practice at its core.

When you receive Reiki, your body enters a state of relaxation where the body’s self-healing capabilities are activated. Choosing to receive Reiki is a choice of self-empowerment and taking responsibility for your healing journey. When you book a Reiki session with me, I never see myself as the healer, but as a channel and a guide. I encourage all my students to see themselves the same way and I empower each of my clients and students to activate their inner healing power.

Reiki meets you where you are at.
It meets you at your lowest lows and your highest highs. Reiki doesn’t judge or discriminate and it’s the job of each Reiki practitioner to do the same. Reiki is the highest form of unconditional love.

There’s no better time to practice Reiki than when you are at your lowest. If that means that you’re eating McDonald’s three meals a day, drinking a bottle of vodka a night, chain-smoking, and making decisions that are unhealthy Reiki will meet you there.

Reiki goes deep into your root issues and brings them to the surface and into your awareness to be healed.
The healing that happens is all within your power, it’s your choices that lead to your healing. Whether you choose to give up an unhealthy habit is your decision and that choice needs to be done by you when you are ready and supported to heal the root of the habit. I’d also like to note here that there are things that are out of our ego’s control, Reiki is not a cure-all and not all conditions will resolve. Sometimes we are meant to go through those experiences and it can’t always be explained why. I believe that there is always something to learn about our experiences and Reiki can help to show you those lessons and support you through the process.

When you receive or practice Reiki you may experience a calling to make better choices for yourself. For me, this has happened gradually over the ten years that I have been practicing Reiki. Over the years, I’ve been called to give up caffeine, pot, and drinking in excess. I’ve also been called to do things like stop eating processed foods and to start eating more homegrown and cooked foods. I didn’t make all those changes overnight, I made them when I knew that it was time because of the messages my body was sending me when I made choices that were unsupportive of my health.

I still eat meat and have a few drinks a week and my connection to Reiki is stronger than it’s ever been. But my connection to Reiki isn’t strong because I gave up anything. It’s because I make Reiki a part of my everyday life. The more you practice Reiki the stronger your connection becomes and your healing happens naturally over time. Healing can’t be forced, only helped and supported.

If you’re feeling the calling to make Reiki a part of your everyday practice, stay tuned for the next round of Reiki courses! Or book a 1:1 session and choose to activate your inner healing power today!
 Love and light,
Natasha Nirvana