Intuition Practice for Increasing Energy: Creative Connection

Did you try the practice I gave you in last week’s blog post on increasing your energy levels by practicing trusting your instincts?

If you missed the previous post or are new to the blog, last week I prompted you to try this practice for the week:

Commit to making decisions solely based on your initial gut feeling for one week. Whether it’s picking an outfit for the day or making a significant career choice, listen to your intuition and act on it without hesitation. Listen to your intuition and act on it without overthinking.

This week, I am introducing another practice you can try as a way to increase not only your energy levels but your intuitive senses, too!

These practices I am sharing over the weeks can help you to begin living more intuitively. Try these practices as I share them and let me know how they impact your energy levels!

Creative Connection as a Way To Increase Energy and Connect to Your Intuition

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day hustle of our lives, leaving us feeling drained and disconnected from our intuition. That’s why this week I am sharing how engaging in a creative outlets you enjoy can serve as a powerful way for increasing energy and intuitive guidance.

When you immerse yourself in a creative activity, you enter a state of flow. You’re no longer concerned about the end result; instead, you’re fully absorbed in the process. It’s in this state that your intuition takes center stage.

Have you ever noticed how your clearest and best ideas seem to appear when you least expect them? Sometimes they come to us during a long walk in nature or a shower, or when you’re engrossed in a creative outlet. Creative activities activate different parts of your brain, allowing you to see connections and solutions that might have eluded you in your everyday routine.

Creativity is a gateway to your intuitive mind

Creativity is the language through which your subconscious communicates with your conscious self.

When you allow yourself to get lost in creative outlets, you invite your intuition to come forward and play. You may notice that from this flow state it becomes easier to access ideas, make decisions, and gain a fresh perspective on challenges you may be facing. When you engage in creative activities, you are engaging with the deepest recesses of your soul. It’s not about perfection or comparison; it’s about self-expression, self-discovery, and self-nurturing.

Incorporating creative activities into your life isn’t just about producing a final product; it’s about nurturing your soul, awakening your intuition, and boosting your energy levels. By dedicating time to creative pursuits, you’ll discover an increase in your overall energy levels. You’ll wake up feeling more motivated, tackle daily tasks with renewed energy, and find that your resilience in the face of challenges has grown stronger.

This week, embrace your inner creative and watch as your creative connection opens up new avenues of inspiration and intuitive guidance.

Try this:

Engage in a creative activity you enjoy, whether it’s painting, dancing, playing a musical instrument, or crafting. Allow yourself to get lost in the process without focusing on the end result.

Share your creative journey with me by tagging me in your creative stories on social media or dropping me an email letting me know what creative outlets you’re incorporating into your life this week!

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