Intuition Practice for Increasing Energy: Trusting Instincts

How did it go this past week as you tried out the practice I gave you on increasing your energy levels with a journaling practice?

If you’re new to the blog, last week I prompted you to try this practice for the week:

Implement a journaling practice as it provides a creative outlet for your intuition to express itself. By acknowledging and recording your intuitive insights, you’re creating a space for deeper self-understanding and renewed energy.

This week, I am introducing another practice you can try as a way to increase not only your energy levels but your intuitive senses, too!

These practices I am sharing over the weeks can help you to begin living more intuitively. Try these practices as I share them and let me know how they impact your energy levels!

Trusting Your Gut Instincts

Do you find it challenging to trust your gut instincts? Our gut instincts are a direct channel that our intuition communicates with us from. When we build trust in ourselves, we naturally develop greater self-awareness and hone our decision-making abilities, aligning them more closely with our authentic selves. Trusting our gut instincts can also have the added benefit of boosting our energy levels. This is because when we place confidence in our inner guidance system, we let go of resistance, attain a sense of balance, and use our energy in the most efficient and aligned way for our unique selves.

Here are a few tips to help you begin to trust your gut instincts:

  1. Pause and Breathe: Before deciding anything, take a moment to breathe deeply. Close your eyes if it helps.
  2. Embrace First Impressions: Your initial gut feeling is often the most authentic. Embrace it wholeheartedly. Notice what comes to mind when you first think of something, meet someone, or have a decision to make. Notice what your intuition guides you toward instantly.
  3. Let Go of Doubt: Release doubts or fears. Trust that your intuition knows your path.
  4. Reflect: After acting on your intuition, reflect on the outcomes. This self-awareness strengthens your connection to your inner guidance system.

Try the following practice this week: Commit to making decisions solely based on your initial gut feeling for one week. Whether it’s picking an outfit for the day or making a significant career choice, listen to your intuition and act on it without hesitation. Listen to your intuition and act on it without overthinking.

I’d love to hear about your experiences and insights during this week of trusting your instincts. Share your stories and reflections on social media and tag me or reach out if you have questions or need guidance.

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