Intuitive Offer Creation – Group Mentorship Program

Special bonuses available through January!

In this program you will discover your Unique Intuitive Blueprint,
Use it to channel the most profitable offer that you already have within you right now,
And be ready to launch it over and over again. 

Through accessing your Unique Intuitive Blueprint,
You unlock the key to answering all your
questions, doubts, and blocks in business.

Are you ready?

When you discover your Unique Intuitive Blueprint,

You’ll be able to access your intuition quickly and trust the information you receive.

When you learn to use your Unique Intuitive Blueprint,

you can access your Intuition over and over again for all areas in your business.

Your intuition knows at a soul level what
is going to work in your business.

It knows your Best-Selling Offer.

It knows exactly what to do to sell it.

It knows how to attract your dream clients
who can’t wait to work with you.

When you embrace your uniqueness and desire to do things differently using your intuition,

You operate your business authentically and aligned with your values,

You attract deep and meaningful relationships with colleagues and clients,

You intuitively co-create with your business and clients,

Your offers are grounded and your message is clear,

You stand out as a leader and activist for planetary healing,

And you activate the freedom in your business that you desire.

Intuitive Offer Creation was designed to support you in any stage of your business:

You offer a service but you want to turn it into a stable structure that will support you and your clients.

You struggle with a lack of clarity around your service offerings, packages, and programs.

When you talk about your offer people’s eyes glaze over and they don’t seem to get how you can help them.

You don’t believe your offer is going to sell.

You’re overwhelmed with all the things that you need to do or are supposed to do.

You need to attract more clients to your offers.

You have imposter syndrome about what you have to offer.

You’re afraid to market or sell you offer.

  • You have an offer you’re stoked about but you’re not sure how to position it or show it’s value.
  • You’ve tried to launch your offer before but it failed and now you’re doubting it.
  • You’re constantly comparing your offers to others in the market and feel like you or your offer aren’t enough.
  • You’re still playing it small and are afraid to show up as a leader in your industry.
  • You suck at marketing and any kind of consistency.
  • You’ve tried every strategy out there over and over again, even though they make you feel shitty and never work.
  • You’re afraid to market or sell your offer so you focus solely on providing value and giving away free education.
  • You’re tapped into your intuition and get tons of downloads that get you nowhere.
  • You feel like your intuition has abandoned you and you can’t trust it to give you useful information.
  • You’re burnt out from trying to do a million things at once.
  • You’re not sure where to focus because you want to do all the things, you know that somehow they all intersect but can’t find that point.
  • You work so hard to perfect everything, abandon the project halfway through and have a ton of looming to do’s.
  • You overthink the intuitive messages you receive so much so that you’re not sure what’s intuition and what’s not.

Intuitive Offer Creation will help you to…

Access your Unique Intuitive Blueprint using the Empowered Business Intuition Method.

Discover new ways of working with your intuition without having to open your 3rd eye and decalcifying your pineal gland.

Stop comparing your intuition and the way you run your business to other people.

Tap into your intuition for answers to all of your questions, doubts, and blocks in business instantaneously.

Create at least one profitable program that you can launch over and over again.

Be able to access your intuition repeatedly for channeling future offers.

Be confident in your offers, packages, programs and pricing.

Get in energetic alignment with your offers.

Identify your fears and blocks to marketing your offers and release them.

Release blocks based on the body’s intelligence.

Validate your intuition and downloads when doubt arises.

Learn to use your intuition flexibly to evolve with you and your business.

Meet other intuitive entrepreneurs and build lifetime relationships.