Use This Tool to Align With Your Purpose

Do you believe you are a divine soul, having a human experience? I do. Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a knowingness that there is a part of me that is deeply spiritual. I’ve always felt an energy beyond myself, something greater than me that all of life seems to be connected to. For a while, I didn’t know what to call that energy, and God never quite seemed to fit. Then I found Reiki and learned about ki or life force energy. When I started to learn more about Reiki and the concepts of energy things started to click. Suddenly I had the language to talk about what I perceived.

Often, when I talk to other Reiki practitioners or google Reiki I’ll find an extensive list of things that Reiki can help with. I agree that this is true in my life, Reiki has provided me with many benefits and life changes. At the same time, I refuse to make claims that Reiki is some kind of cure-all system.

Reiki doesn’t swoop in and cure anyone. Everyone I’ve known who’s experienced the healing power that Reiki has, has experienced it because of something within themselves. To receive the full benefits of Reiki, you have to be willing to flow with the way Reiki moves you. You have to be willing to make the changes in your life that Reiki guides you to.

One of the biggest questions many people are seeking the answer to is, “What is my life’s purpose?” Reiki is a fantastic tool to use when facing this question. The beautiful thing about Reiki is that it helps you focus within. When it comes to our life purpose, we don’t discover it outside of ourselves, rather we uncover it within ourselves.

For me, Reiki answered a calling deep within me, it brought me home. It’s helped me so much on my journey, I knew that I wanted to share it with others. What I love about Reiki though is that it can help anyone find their calling. Even if you feel drawn to Reiki for yourself, it doesn’t mean it’s meant to be your life’s work.

Take Theresa for example. Theresa took Reiki with me to find peace in her own life. As she’s journeyed with Reiki, she’s learned to use Reiki to support her in her work with clients. Not as a Reiki practitioner, but as a mediator. Learning Reiki has helped her to fall back in love with her work and hold space in a powerful way for her clients.

Reiki can serve anyone, in any field of work, especially those who support others in their work.

You don’t have to be trained in Reiki to start realizing its benefits in your life. We all are connected to life force energy and have the ability to access it any time we choose. We are all connected to the same life force energy all the time. In Reiki, you simply learn to connect with life force energy on deeper levels.

Try this exercise to tune into your heart, the center where we connect to our inner knowing and higher self.

Place your feet on the ground and your hand on your heart.

Close your eyes and just start by breathing. Following your breath as you inhale and exhale.

Allow your breath to pull you in towards your body, bringing awareness to your heart space. Bring all your senses to your heart, your inner vision, your hearing, smell, taste, and feeling.

What do you notice as you bring your awareness to your heart space?

Ask your heart, “Where are you guiding me?” and notice what arises in your senses.

Sit with whatever comes to you and trust that it will begin to make sense to you.

Whatever comes up for you, what is the next action that you can take that your heart is guiding you towards?

Now, go do that thing!

I’d love to hear how this exercise worked for you, just reply to this email to share your experience. If you have any questions about what came up for you, I’d love to help you clarify.

Congratulations, on taking the next step towards your life purpose!

With love and light,

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