Codependent No More Reading Group – First Meeting August 17th 

I’m excited to move forward with the Codependent No More reading group! We will be meeting every other Wednesday, starting August 17th at 6pm on Zoom.

The cost per meeting for the group is a minimum $10 donation. 

All meetings are confidential. However, I will be recording the meetings so that I can create videos using only clips of myself.

To prepare for the first meeting, please read through Chapter 2, “Other Stories”. If you can, take time to journal on the end of chapter questions and write down any questions you would like to bring to the meeting.

I am expecting a minimum of 12 meetings, however it is possible we will meet a few more times depending on how things go.

You can purchase the book on Amazon here, I recommend having a physical or kindle copy so you can do the exercises:

To register for the meetings you would like to attend please use this link:

If you have any questions, please let me know.

With love and light,

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