What Does Your Soul Say?

Often before I sit down to write, I’ll sit down with my oracle cards and ask for guidance around what message you need to hear right now.

Today, the card I pulled was, “What does your soul say?” I think that message is beyond fitting right now. The message is to follow your dreams and stop hesitating on pursuing your soul desires.

The message rings true for me and many others I’ve talked to this week. It seems like the energy of change and transformation is in the air. At the same time, there is a big resistance to that change.

Yesterday, that resistance completely stopped me in my tracks. I tried so hard to overcome it and take action. But self-doubt was so loud in my head. Talking me out of what I’m trying to pursue and telling me that it would be easier to just give up.

I spent so much time yesterday googling “How to overcome self-doubt and resistance.” As if I didn’t already know. Instead of listening to my soul’s voice, I looked for messages and advice from others. I so badly wanted someone to tell me, “It’s okay, you can give up, your self-doubt is a message from the Universe.”

But no matter how many cards I pulled, people I talked to, and times I googled the message was the same. The answer is to take action in spite of the doubt. Yikes!

So just as much as I need the reminder myself, I want to share it with you too. Your soul knows the answers you’re seeking right now. Your desires are 100% possible for you to achieve. This life, this moment, is about what you want.

Are you running away from a life you don’t want, or are you running toward the dream that you do want? What’s stopping you from building the life you crave?

Your soul’s guidance is always available to you. Even if you have doubt, your soul is speaking to you through that doubt. That doubt isn’t a message that you need to quit or give up, rather it is showing you contrast and the opportunities that are available to you.

If the worst-case scenario is possible, that means that the best-case scenario is also possible. All you have to do is choose the timeline of your highest good, your deepest desires, and your ultimate fulfillment. It’s simple but not quite so easy.

Your soul is speaking to you, even when it’s difficult to listen. The answer will come to you and sometimes in ways that you’re not expecting.

That happened to my client recently, to access her soul’s guidance, I suggested that she meditate and ask the question, “What is the next level in my business?” For weeks she reported that she hadn’t received an answer. Then one day she came in and shared that she had found a mentor to guide her in her practice. She asked and even though the message wasn’t clear to her, her soul answered her by providing her an answer to her request in the form of a guide.

What do you imagine can happen for you in the next 6 months? What is the next level that your soul is guiding you toward? Don’t overthink it, your soul knows the next evolution of your purpose.

My soul’s mission and vision are to create a ripple effect through teaching other service providers to amplify their soul’s mission. My desire is to guide people to do this by using their intuition to make business decisions.

If you’re someone who loves intuition, I’m inviting you to channel the next level that your soul is calling you towards. We’ll be covering all this in the Intuition in Business Mini-Course that starts today (February 16, 2022) at 2pm PST, email me to register!

If you’d like to dive in even deeper check out Intuitive Offer Creation!

Love and Light,
Natasha Nirvana

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