Registration Is Now Open For Intuitive Offer Creation!

Lately I’ve been sharing about my journey and how my intuition has guided me through it all. It has led me to the realization that intuition is not only my guiding system and a gift, but it is also what I can share with you.

Over the last six months, I’ve been developing a program to help you tap into your intuition and channel the most profitable program you can offer right now in your business

I’m excited to announce that registration is open for my new program, Intuitive Offer Creation!

Oftentimes when people teach intuition, they expect everyone’s intuition to operate in the same way. Then when your intuition doesn’t work the same as theirs, it can feel like it’s broken, it doesn’t work, and you lose trust in yourself.

But that’s not how intuition works. Every single one of us has a Unique Intuitive Blueprint; our intuition may function in similar ways, but it can also function completely differently than others.

Intuitive Offer Creation was designed to overcome this hurdle. In this 4-week program, you will discover your Unique Intuitive Blueprint, the key to answering all of your questions, doubts, and blocks in business. Not only will you use your Unique Intuitive Blueprint to channel the most profitable program you already have within you right now, but you’ll be ready to launch your program again and again.

Right now Intuitive Offer Creation is being offered at a special early bird rate until February 8, but the price will go up at that time. 

For more information, including exactly what to expect over each of the 4 weeks of the program, click here. And if you’re on the fence or want a quick conversation before joining the program, schedule a call.

Intuition is the key to my success and I believe it can be the key to your success too!

Love and light,
Natasha Nirvana

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