How I Use My Intuition to Focus My Energy

I’ve always considered myself a multi-passionate human being, there’s so much that I enjoy that I want to share with others. I get tons of ideas about things that I could do. Unfortunately, I can’t do them all and sometimes I get stuck because I’m not sure where to focus my energy. So instead of pursuing a project, I’ll distract myself, while my to-do list builds up and the overwhelm increases. I know I’m not alone in this either, I’ve met many people like me who are multi-passionate and have multiple side projects that they’ve abandoned because they can’t figure out how to focus their energy.

One of the greatest tools that I’ve learned to use for focusing my energy is utilizing my Unique Intuitive Blueprint. Utilizing your Unique Intuitive Blueprint means listening to your own intuitive guidance through the unique channels that it speaks to you through to guide your decisions and actions. Each of you has a Unique Intuitive Blueprint that is completely different from anyone else. So when people teach intuition and expect everyone’s intuition to operate the same way they end up conditioning you to believe that your intuition has to operate the same way that their intuition does and if it doesn’t then you must not be intuitive enough. This results in a whole lot of stuckness and mistrust of your intuition because you don’t actually know how to pay attention to your Unique Intuitive Blueprint.

In order to learn how to focus my own energy, I had to learn my own Unique Intuitive Blueprint and how to apply it so that I could use it to stop abandoning my passion projects. 

At the same time, I had to overcome all of the conditioning that made it difficult to embrace my uniqueness. When it comes to focusing my energy so that I could work on my passion projects I had to decondition belief systems that I held that said that I couldn’t integrate all my passions into my work. 

For example, I feel like traditional wisdom conditions us to only stick to and focus on one thing at a time, that we have to do those things the “right way”, and that we have to be the best at that thing. That conditioning made me feel like when I would walk into a space that I would have to put on the mask of whatever my role was within that space and I needed to wear that role like I was the greatest that’s ever existed at being that thing.

When I started pursuing massage therapy as my path, I was good at it, so it felt easy. But I felt like I had to stay within the limits of what a massage therapist was. There were certain expectations around what coming to receive a massage meant, that you would be receiving deep tissue massage to release muscle tension and that if you didn’t provide the deepest pressure you could possibly provide that you wouldn’t measure up to the expectations of the people paying you.

But at the same time that I was practicing massage, I had this huge side passion for Reiki. My personal life was consumed in it and I wanted so badly to share it with other people. 

But I was so scared. I was scared that I would be seen as wacky or that I wouldn’t be respected because I wasn’t doing the scientifically provable without a doubt thing. I struggled to see how I could possibly integrate massage and Reiki together, without being completely rejected as a laughing stock. 

On top of that, my Reiki practice looked different to the people around me, so I was scared that I wasn’t good enough at doing this thing that I loved. Instead of doing it just because I enjoyed it, I was obsessed with if I would be accepted by others and if I could make money doing what I loved. Because if I wasn’t making money doing it then where was the value in that?

For a long time, I abandoned Reiki altogether because of these fears and feeling like I had to focus on only one thing and not allowing myself to be multi-passionate.

Fast forward years ahead, to when I decided that I wanted to be a mentor and business coach. The desire to mentor others really came from wanting to help others get through the same challenges that I had been through, from someone that understands them. For me, that was something I never really felt like I had in my business. I had hired multiple coaches and marketing professionals to help me in my business, but I always felt like they couldn’t understand me and that I was doing things wrong because what they taught wasn’t working for me. Here was that conditioning that I couldn’t do things in my own unique way showing up again.

And again, I really struggled with how I wanted to integrate being a mentor into my already existing offerings without abandoning my existing offerings altogether. I didn’t want to completely pivot my business, instead I wanted to find a way to integrate my multiple passions into one business.

By this time, I knew a lot more about my Unique Intuitive Blueprint and I was starting to integrate it into my life. I was determined to overcome that conditioning and finally do things in my own unique way.

This is where my intuition came in, I knew deep down that somehow everything I knew could come together as one, that I didn’t have to wear these different roles depending on the situation or person that I was interacting with. So instead of pushing myself to be something I’m not, I decided to really give myself the time to figure out where my intuition was guiding me and how all the pieces would come together.

You see, our intuition is that voice deep inside ourselves that knows who we are and what we desire. When you listen to your intuition, you can use it to help you make decisions that are in alignment with your highest good. You do this by listening to your unique intuitive guidance and trusting it to guide your actions. This can be difficult because we’ve been taught that paying attention to your intuition means waiting for a grand vision. We over complicate intuitive messages, when most often our intuition is speaking to us through our own body’s intelligence.

Following our intuition isn’t always the quickest path, it often takes time to slow down, really be quiet, learn our unique intuitive blueprint and listen to it. It takes a lot of work to decondition the voices of everyone else that drown out our intuition and tell us that things should be done a certain way.

For me, it took two years of really being quiet and listening to my intuition to learn more about myself to really be able to hone in on how all the pieces that were floating around in my head would come together. But because I was listening to my intuition, it was easier to allow myself to do it in my own way. I held onto my deep inner knowing and instead of abandoning my desire to integrate my multiple passions, I listened to my intuition for each next step I needed to take to develop my multiple passions into one business that allows me to share all of my passions.

After doing all of that work, I know it’s completely possible to integrate multiple passions into who you are and how you share your passions with others.

That’s why over the last two years, I’ve been developing the Empowered Business Intuition Method which integrates all my passions into a business mentoring container. I’ll be sharing this method in my upcoming group mentorship program, Intuitive Offer Creation

Intuitive Offer Creation will help you discover your own Unique Intuitive Blueprint so that you can use it to channel your own offer that integrates all of your passions. If you’re interested in learning more about it or figuring out if it’s a good fit for you, just send me a message.

Love and light,
Natasha Nirvana

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