Use Your Intuition to Guide You!

Three weeks ago my plan in my business was not to hit the snooze button over the holidays and dedicate myself to launching my first Intuition in Business Course but my intuition kept pushing me to rest. The end of the year is always about reflecting and preparing for the new year for me. This year will mark the end of ten years running my own business!

Over the last ten years I’ve been developing my intuition alongside my business. When I started my business, I didn’t have a lot of support or knowledge in how to run a business. I didn’t come into it with a ton of knowledge in marketing, sales, or other skills that every business owner needs.

In fact, the decision to start my own business was an intuitive calling. I knew that I had a gift that I was meant to share and I realized that my values were different from many in the alternative healthcare industry.

Knowing is an intuitive gift, when you know something and you can’t explain how you know it, that’s your intuition speaking to you. For me knowing happens on a soul level, no matter how much I try to logic my way out, my knowing intuition always calls me back. If you have a project or business that you’ve wanted to create because you know at a soul level that you have something to share and that you can make a difference in this world. I can promise you that, that is your intuition calling you.

As I evolved and grew over the years, what I felt my purpose was also evolved and my business evolved right along with me. As an entrepreneur, your business is a mirror of you and your personal growth. As you grow and change, your business is going to grow and change with you. So as I’ve grown and I’ve studied my services, programs, and projects have changed too.

Just like the decision to start my business was an intuitive calling. The services, programs, and projects that I choose to offer are guided by my intuition. It’s through listening to my intuitive voice that I’ve been able to create a business that feels fully aligned with my authentic self and that process wasn’t easy.

I was met with a lot of challenges, one of the biggest challenges was listening to the voices of so many others about how I should run my business. I tried tons of strategies and techniques that would feel gross and would fail over and over again. I began to notice that when I listened to my intuition was exactly when my business would start to work for me and I would enjoy running my business so much more. I truly believe that listening to my intuition has been the guidepost for my success.

Two years ago, I decided that I wanted to support other entrepreneurs to be successful in their businesses but I didn’t quite know how I wanted to do that. The business coaching industry was so focused on metrics for success and I couldn’t understand how I would fit into the space.

So I bided my time and let my intuition guide me to the right path. Then, I realized that my gift and what I have to share is exactly what has made me successful, my intuition.

I believe that your intuition can be the key to your success too!

That’s why over the last 6 months I’ve been developing a program to help you tap into your Intuition and channel the most profitable program that you can offer right now in your business!

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