Amplifying Your Sacral Energy

When I learned about human design, it taught me to look at the chakras in a whole new way. Human design adds a whole new level to the chakras and allows you to look at your chakras based on your unique energy instead of something that is general to everyone.

The sacral chakra is the seed of creation and is responsible for your life force energy and you can either pull this energy up through your root chakra from the earth or generate it within yourself. Having a balanced sacral chakra means operating in your right physical energy. For most people, this means having tons of energy to get things done but for others being in their right energy means slowing down and not getting caught up in the rat race. Either way, when this chakra is balanced we should be able to flow easily between the two, utilize our energy when we have it, and listen to our bodies and rest when we need to.

This chakra also contains our ability to experience joy, pleasure, happiness, and satisfaction. When you don’t experience those feelings you’ll be hard on yourself, hate what you do, and believe that hard work is the only way to achieve success in this world. On top of that, you’ll be exhausted, overwhelmed, burnt out, and feel like you can never do enough.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you experienced joy? Pleasure? Happiness? Satisfaction? If you have to think about it, that means that you need more of that feeling in your life. Start amplifying your sacral energy by doing something every day that brings you joy, pleasure, or happiness. It can be as simple as enjoying a piece of chocolate after dinner, really enjoy it without any guilt or shame! The more you experience these feelings the more that you’re going to recharge your sacral and energy and the more that you’ll be able to do and create.

For many, the sacral is also a source of intuition. The sacral is what gives you that yes or no gut feeling. If you get these, notice how your gut feelings direct you to what feels good in your life and align with that!

Amplifying your sacral energy is all about aligning with your unique energy and deconstructing all the baggage that you’ve picked up from your surroundings. Knowing your natural energy can also help you to amplify this energy because if you’re more of the slowing down and doing things your own way type trying to operate in endless action will only deplete your energy and make you feel terrible.

So how do you know what energy type you are? Notice your energy compared to the people around you. Are you more like the energizer bunny with constant energy from the moment you wake up until the second your head hits the pillow? Or are you the type who actually gets more done when you work in small bursts, take regular breaks, and make time for rest and play?

This was super obvious to me in my relationship with my partner. He’s the energizer bunny type and I’m the rest and do things differently type, I get tired just thinking about how much he can get done in a day. When we first started living together I struggled a lot with not feeling good enough because I couldn’t do as much as he did, in fact, I still struggle. But between my relationship with him and COVID which forced me to slow down, I learned a lot about how I’ve taken on the rat race culture and how I’ve equated how much I get done with success. Since realizing I was more the slowdown and do things differently type, I’ve started giving myself permission to rest and not feel guilty about it. I’ve realized that when I honor my own energy patterns, my ability to create and manifest increases and I actually feel successful.

Turns out, the key to amplifying your sacral energy lies in aligning with your unique energy and experiencing more joy!

I know it’s easier said than done but just be you and do what makes you happy!

If you need help aligning to your unique energy, book an Intuitive Healing Session. One of the things I’m best at is guiding energy and helping others understand and align with their unique energy and I can’t wait to share that gift with you!

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