How You Can Reclaim Your Power Using Reiki

If I could get all my clients to implement one thing into their daily routine it would be meditation and many of you have. If I could take it a step further, I would love to see everyone who has a meditation practice add Reiki into that practice. Reiki amplifies the power of meditation, so all the benefits of meditation are amplified when you utilize Reiki during your practice.

I truly love working with each of my clients, when I work with them I take an empowerment approach. I see you as the healer and I want to teach each of you how to manage your own energy and how to bring more light energy into your system. Receiving Reiki is so special and the decision to give yourself that time for self care and development is empowering. But becoming dependent on those sessions can become disempowering. Learning Reiki is a step in taking your power back.

The truth is, there is nothing that you need to seek outside of yourself. Everything you need is already within you. The answers that you seek for your healing are always discoverable by turning within and listening to your intuition and by opening yourself to divine love and wisdom.

Meditation allows you to listen within and Reiki opens you to divine love and wisdom. When you open to Reiki, your light energy is increased by this divine channel. Reiki allow you to reach inside yourself, to be still and listen to the feelings and sensations within. Reiki helps you to trust your feelings, the more you do Reiki, the more that trust increases.

When we tune within and channel Reiki, our energy becomes more light filled, more power filled. The healing power within you increases each time you channel Reiki for yourself. Instead of looking to someone else for answers, they begin to arise from within naturally.

This is why I decided to teach Reiki, it gave me the power to stand within my truth, to honor my truth and feel safe in my energy and my power and I wanted to share that life changing gift with others.

As a healer, my capacity to help others comes from Reiki and becoming more and more power filled. The stronger and more light filled my energy is, the more I honor truth, the more I am able to help others and hold space for them to increase their own power. This is why when I teach Reiki I always start with teaching Reiki 1 for Self Healing first.

A healer who does not do their own healing is less powerful, more susceptible to energy drains, and can unintentionally project their unhealed aspects onto the people they work with. As a healer, it’s your duty to take responsibility for your own healing first.

In Reiki 1 for Self Healing, you learn all the tools needed to implement a practice of self discovery, increase your energy and power, and channel divine love. Unlike many teachers, I don’t teach how to heal others in Reiki 1 because until you can fill yourself with your own energy and power, the healing work that you do can be harmful instead of helpful. We live in a society where so many people are suffering from power loss that just by reclaiming your power you begin to heal the planet. When you reclaim your energy and power, that energy drain no longer exists and it pushes those who were living off your power to reclaim their own power.

Because this healing work is so essential, I have decided to offer discounted integration sessions (reg. $222) to the next 3 people who sign up for either of the Reiki courses. One integration session can be added on for $196 or you can add on two integration sessions for $366.

Both classes start October 15th and will occur on Fridays from 3pm-5pm, PST. We already have 3 students registered and I would love to have you join us! Make sure to register early, I do limit the number of spaces available.

If you have any questions about the course, I would love to invite you to Book a Complimentary Clarity Session with me to answer all of your questions and figure out which option is the best for you at this time.

If you’re ready to register, you can use the payment links directly on the course pages. Once you’ve registered, send me an email to confirm your registration and I will get you all set up for the class.

Reiki I for Self Healing Course Page

Reiki I & II Practitioner Certification Course Page

Love and light,

Natasha Nirvana

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