A Simple Guide to Spiritual Wellness

What if you let go and allow a higher force to guide you to the right people, places, and things that are in your highest good? 

As humans, we need to grow and discover the world we live in. We seek meaning in our experiences and pursue what brings us connection, joy, and wonder. Often we find some meaning from a force or being greater than ourselves. This piece isn’t necessary to have spiritual wellness.

To have spiritual wellness we need to find meaning in our lives, feel like we have a purpose, and live by our values and beliefs. We need to practice surrendering to what is, to the present moment. Spiritual wellness is an essential component of our total wellness and it brings a myriad of benefits including connection to others, clarity, self-fulfillment, and a commitment to ourselves.

Having spiritual wellness is such an important building block to our total wellness. We need to look at healing holistically which means looking beyond the body and the mind. 

How do you develop spiritual wellness?

First, it is important to acknowledge that whatever your spiritual beliefs or lack of beliefs are is completely valid. While you can find a sense of meaning and purpose through religion, it is not necessary. Finding your meaning through a connection with nature or through striving to be a good human is just as important.

There can be a lot to unpack in acknowledging the validity of your personal beliefs. Often, there are lies that we have been told that tell us there is one true way to believe or that we can’t trust our intuition and beliefs about our connection with something greater. If you’re struggling to acknowledge the validity of your beliefs then your next step is to realize the lies you’ve been told and to change the story of your experience. This can be done through Spiritual Mentoring and Development.

Next, you need to get clear about what your beliefs are. This occurs through a process of questioning, reasoning, and listening to your inner guidance systems. It does not come from blindly listening to and acting on what you are told. Your spiritual experience and beliefs are unique to you. Even if your spiritual experiences align with a group, religion, or community, there is something unique about your experience. It is good to question groupthink and come to your own conclusions.

Once you’ve established your unique spirituality, your spiritual growth and wellness depend on daily practice. This doesn’t have to be extravagant. The key is finding balance in your life and prioritizing what you value most. Personally, I see my spirituality as an integral part of my life and it feeds into many aspects of my day. For others, it can be as simple as integrating a few minutes of mindfulness practice into your day.

Finally, to truly embrace spiritual wellness, you must learn to surrender. Surrender to your higher power or the moment at hand. Know that you can’t control everything and be at peace with the fact that there are things you can not always perceive right now and outside forces acting beyond your control.

Need help integrating spiritual wellness into your total wellness regimen? In my spiritual mentoring and development sessions I guide you to your unique spiritual resonance. We work together to release the lies, stories, and beliefs that do not support your spiritual wellness and develop a practice that supports you and your beliefs.

Love and light,

Natasha Nirvana
Reiki Master Teacher & Spiritual Business Coach

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