Empowered Intuitives Feel The Fear And Do It Anyways

Showing up in the world and allowing yourself to shine takes a willingness to accept fear as a motivator. You have to let go of permitting fear to be a dark shadow that dims your light, that sucks away your power.

Overcoming fear takes a tremendous amount of courage and courage is gained by becoming empowered. Fear is a universal experience that can be extremely destructive. Too easily, fear becomes a downward spiral that leads to inaction, lack of focus, isolation, procrastination, and misused energy. At times fear is healthy, it protects us in truly dangerous situations. But we live in a society so traumatized that our ability to trust our safety has become skewed so that fear destroys instead of motivates. Nearly everyone has experienced debilitating levels of fear, I do every time I face an uplevel in my life.

Ask yourself, what am I afraid of doing or being? How is this fear holding me back? These questions will reveal the next uplevel that your soul is guiding you towards.

Are you allowing yourself to shine? How are you showing up in the world? Do you feel like you are a living embodiment of your highest self?

If the answer is no, who are you when you allow yourself to truly shine?

Allowing yourself to shine is a reclamation of your power. Authenticity is a choice you make to feel the fear and be you anyway. Shining your light is the choice to go all-in on your purpose; launch your business; buy an RV and live a nomadic lifestyle; spend money and time on yourself and your dreams. Chose to take up space, be weird, practice your spirituality the way you want, embrace your unique energy.

Be all of you! So what if it makes others uncomfortable? When you allow empower yourself to be full of light, it’s going to illuminate the darkness in others. The world needs that.

You deserve to create your best life. What are you waiting for? Go after your dream, be you, take the next step that your highest self is pushing you toward. Yes, the one you’re so afraid of!

Yes, it will be hard and a ton of work and lead you on a path of healing your deepest wounds. It will be worth it, you will find yourself shining brighter than ever before. All it takes is a choice. So choose you!

Our Empowered Intuitive community is waiting for you. To support you, hold space for you, help you reclaim your power and shine your light brighter than ever. Our upcoming circle, “Go Where You are Afraid to Go” will help you transform debilitating fear into motivation and excitement. Take the journey with us. It’s time to reclaim your best self and we’re here for you. Grab your spot and get ready to be more of who you are.

Love and light,

Natasha Nirvana
Reiki Master Teacher & Spiritual Business Coach

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