Change and Transformation – Podcast Interview

Today I’m sharing a podcast that I was featured on recently. The Dragonfly Connection is a podcast that is all about open – honest – real conversations about change, transformation, and triumph.

On the podcast, I share about the healing journey, my story of change and transformation, that has molded and shaped me into who I am today. If you’ve ever thought that I’m just a strong confident successful businesswoman and healer, then this will peel back the mystery, I share some deep things that I’ve never shared before publically. 

I share about:

  • Growing up around mental illness.
  • My own diagnoses of PTSD and anxiety.
  • Learning to keep things a secret and not talk about it.
  • How only addressing surface-level things like nutrition left out a huge part of what was causing severe digestive issues and anxiety.
  • Learning that traditional therapy isn’t taboo and is actually a necessary complement to holistic practices.
  • What led to me starting my own business.
  • My marriage to a narcissist & drug addict.
  • Keeping my marriage, psychological-emotional abuse, and more a secret.
  • Using my business as an escape from my pain.
  • Losing myself to my relationships and my business.
  • Finally healing it all and learning to be my authentic self.
  • Finding my soul mate relationship.
  • What it takes to be a healthy healer.

I shared super deeply about myself and it would mean so much to me if you would listen to this and share it with anyone who needs to hear my story. I hope that my story inspires others and lets them know that you can create beauty from your pain.

Love and light,

Natasha Nirvana
Reiki Master Teacher & Spiritual Business Coach

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