Are you sabotaging your own success?

Doubting your abilities and believing you are going to fail is a recipe for disaster.

Before I started my Reiki practice, I was paralyzed with fear that nobody would be interested in what I had to offer. On top of that, I doubted my abilities as a healer because my gifts were different from the people around me and I felt all this pressure that I needed to be like them in order to succeed.

Instead of embracing my gifts and pursuing my purpose, I hid behind making other people happy. (Thank you empath self…) I resisted my inner calling to become a full-time Reiki Practitioner and I became miserable. I kept pushing, doing what was making other people happy (deep tissue massage) because it was making me money which resulted in injuring myself and being left with no way to make money other than to start pursuing my purpose. In the end, I ended up suffering a whole lot more than I needed to physically, financially, and emotionally.

I realized later that I was the biggest thing standing in the way of my own success and happiness. I was lying to myself because my ego-self was trying to keep me safe.

If the idea of pursuing your purpose fills you with dread, stress, anxiety, and fatigue and you never seem to be able to manifest your desires then it’s time to ask yourself, “Am I sabotaging my own success?”

If so, it’s time to root out the belief systems and fears that are restricting you. Get to know your truth and start taking responsibility for your choices.

Here are some of the false beliefs we carry and the truths that we can work to replace them with:

False: No one is interested in what I have to offer.

Truth: There are people looking for help every day and your offer is the perfect solution.

False: I’m not gifted enough or I don’t know enough.

Truth: Your gifts are completely unique and your education and experience is unique. Only you can share your gifts in your unique way with your unique perspective.

False: I don’t have enough time or money to pursue my passions.

Truth: I am worthy of investing my time and money into myself and my success.

False: I believe I will fail so I might as well not try.

Truth: You will fail and it is okay to fail. Failures are lessons that lead to successes.

There are so many possible lies that we tell ourselves that sabotage our success. These lies stem from our conditioning throughout our early life. We inherit these belief systems from our parents, ancestors, and society as a whole. We are taught to operate outside of our unique energy system.

You are your own healer and you have so much potential for success. Trust in yourself and your abilities and you will have a greater chance of success. Take the time to decondition, unlearn these belief systems, and heal from the trauma that triggers them. Be willing to ask for help along the way, it’s one thing to know what to do & another to actually do it.

If you are struggling to find success in your business, you’ve been hitting a wall, and don’t know what to do next then it’s time to hire a coach to show you the way and hold you accountable. I offer one on one business coaching in a variety of options customized to your needs. In these sessions, we deep dive into reprogramming these beliefs and healing the trauma that is blocking you. Book a Complimentary Clarity Session where we’ll discuss your struggles and the next step that will help you release those beliefs and finally be successful doing what you are meant to do!

Please note these sessions are reserved for people who are serious about hiring me as a business coach. I currently have 5 spots available for this type of work.

Love and light,

Natasha Nirvana
Reiki Master Teacher & Spiritual Business Coach

P.S. I have a team of Empowered Intuitives that are waiting for you to join us on this journey. You don’t need to feel empowered to join. We’re there to support you in reclaiming your power. Join us for our next virtual circle. Grab your spot and take the next step in reclaiming your power.

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