How to live a well balanced life

Wanting your life to be in harmony and to have everything flowing and in balance is a great ambition but it doesn’t actually get you there. Having a well-balanced life requires doing the inner work it takes to get there, it’s always a journey and never a destination. When you arrive, it won’t be perfect but you will finally be able to appreciate what you have in the present.

Recently, a friend told me that they see me as a strong, confident businesswoman. In so many ways that is true, there are days where I feel like I’ve arrived, my business is the healthiest it’s ever been, I’m in a loving and supportive relationship with my soul mate, and I get to do what I love every single day. As I said, it’s never perfect, there are still days when I’m full of anxiety, I feel like I’m not enough, and I struggle to pursue my purpose. It’s those days that I remember that this is a journey, one I’ve been on for years. Getting to the point where your life feels like it’s in balance takes years of dedication to your dreams, inspired action, and deep inner work.

When you are in a place where you feel stuck and you’re not achieving your desired outcomes it’s because there is some inner work that needs to be done, your outer work reflects your inner world. If you want to bring harmony into your life, you first need to create harmony within.

If you don’t dedicate yourself to the inner work, to self-discovery, self-awareness, and empowerment, you will never manifest that dream career, find success in your business, or build happy and healthy relationships.

If you’ve been questioning yourself, trying to decide if it’s time to take a leap of faith, the answer is YES!!! It’s time! The reason you’ve found yourself here, reading this, considering booking an appointment, and reaching out for help is that your soul knows that it’s time. What you want is just on the other side of taking inspired action.

You are supported and your guides want you to know that it is safe to explore who you are and what makes you happy. You don’t need anyone’s permission to follow your dreams and actively work to manifest your goals and desires.

I’m here to support and guide you. If you’ve never booked with me before, I invite you to schedule a Complimentary Clarity Session to talk about your journey, where you’re feeling stuck, and how I can help you achieve harmony in your life.

I have a team of Empowered Intuitives that are waiting for you to join us on this journey. You don’t need to feel empowered to join. We’re there to support you in reclaiming your power. Join us for our next virtual circle. Grab your spot and take the next step in reclaiming your power.

Sending you so much love and light,

Natasha Nirvana

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